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May Update

Posted in General Updates on May 11, 2015

I just want to write to my Blog followers and notify you all that I have been relatively busy lately and that is the reason for lack of any posts. I have just been employed by a company called [CreateANet](http://createanet.co.uk). They specialise in app development, so it's an exciting time for me and my future. I have been settling in got the past couple of weeks and all seems to be going well thus far.

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Oauth Tutorial - Part 1 - Setting up Facebook

Posted in Programming Tutorials on Apr 05, 2015

Last week I promised that I will be creating some tutorials regarding Oauth and Laravel's Socialite plugin. Today, we will start with setting up each website and creating on app on these sites to accept our Oauth requests. Firstly, we will start with Facebook, then head on over to Twitter and Google+. I am using these as my website won't be for developers, it will be for everday people so I don't expect them to have a Github or Linkedin account. If however, I want to implement these at a later date, I will post the setup of them here for you to see.

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Local OAUTH - Curl: (60) SSL certificate : Unable to get local issuer certificate

Posted in Programming Tutorials on Mar 28, 2015

I've seen a couple of questions regarding the error "Curl: (60) SSL certificate : Unable to get local issuer certificate" and thought I would post some steps on the best way of setting it up locally. I use XAMPP as my local development environment, but this will work with WAMP or LAMP enviroments too. (I know I should use Vagrant as my local environment, but I haven't got round to getting it up and running just yet).

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Quick Update

Posted in General Updates on Mar 08, 2015

Lots have been going on recently, so I do apologise for not writing a post as of late. I had to be made redundant by my previous employee due to lack of funds and not being able to push enough work my way. Luckily, the guys there are pretty cool and was happy to be my reference for any future employment. I was really lucky to find a new workplace and as soon as I left, I started my new position with [Pulse8 Broadband](http://pulse8broadband.co.uk).

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Unique slug for news articles using Laravel's unique valitation

Posted in Programming Tutorials on Jan 27, 2015

Just recently at work, I had to change the way my news articles worked. We have a client who has Holiday Homes, and they have news articles per park. When I redeveloped the website in Laravel, I created a one to many relationship based on one park has many news articles.

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Website Update

Posted in General Updates on Jan 23, 2015

As you can see, it has been a while since my last post, but I have been busy trying to push updates over to my website to help strengthen the relationships between you and I. You can now share any articles you like by scrolling to the bottom of each article and click on the "Share This" button. Each social website which you can share with will pop up. I do however need to improve on this so it will automate text titles, images (when I start adding them) and using selected paragraphs.

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UTF-8 causing problems for Social and Email Websites Laravel

Posted in Programming Tutorials on Dec 08, 2014

I've been developing a couple of projects which use UTF-8 encoding on my databases, but have found that this has been problematic recently. Mobile phones and tablets now use emoticons which can cause problems for us UTF-8 users. So how do we fix this issue? Well let me explain below...

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New Blog Design

Posted in General Updates on Nov 06, 2014

It's been a while since I've post and for that, I do appologise. My head has been loaded with ideas and new projects that I absolutely would love to get started on, but I tend to try and start 100 all at once and then get too agitated because none of them are working for me or just get pushed away. My first idea was to create a better, not so bland website. This idea has been around ever since I created my Blog, but I never got round to it because I wanted to make larger projects. It's now finally come to the forefront of my mind and so what you are now looking at is a better design. I will be trying to push out small changes here and there to keep it as fresh as possible, so if I don't create a new Blog post, there could be another change elsewhere (so keep your eyes peeled).

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How To Use Jquery UI Sortable in Laravel 4

Posted in Programming Tutorials on Sep 03, 2014

I needed a way to change the sort order of my data inside of an admin interface which I have created. After a little looking around, I found many tutorials which would show how to get this done with JQuery, but wouldn't show the best way to handle this data (and in my case using Laravel to handle this data)...

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Laravel AJAX Tutorial Using HTML5's FormData

Posted in Programming Tutorials on Aug 28, 2014

For this tutorial, I will show you guys how I managed to create an image uploader for your profile image. This is very similar to how Facebook's/Twitter's functionality. First of all, lets create the routes, for this we will need to create a get and post route...

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