About Michael Brooks

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Given the address of my site, you should already know my name. If, however you stumbled upon my site by chance, then my name is Michael Brooks.

I am a professional website developer (not designer), and love spending time with my wife, being a CrossFit athlete and listening to music. (mainly rock and metal, but it does vary).

My blog used to be targeted for PHP developers, but I now mainly use it as a way to express my personal thoughts. If you enjoy reading any of my posts, then I encourage you to like, comment, share and subscribe. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I also have 3 cats (used to be 5) that I adore. I helped my wife start up her own business called Brooks Pet Sitters. It’s a pet sitting service that’s nearing a year old. So far, it has been going really well (minus the stress).