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Michael Brooks

Freelance Website Developer & Blogger in Newton Abbot


Mounting Volumes in Docker and Using Windows 10

This is a quick post to details some issues I have found when trying to use Docker within a Mac or Windows environment.


May Update

I just want to write to my Blog followers and notify you all that I have been relatively busy lately and that is the reason for lack of any posts. I have just been employed by a company called CreateANet. They specialise in app development, so it's an exciting time for me and my future. I have been settling in got the past couple of weeks and all seems to be going well thus far.


Oauth Tutorial - Part 1 - Setting up Facebook

Last week I promised that I will be creating some tutorials regarding Oauth and Laravel's Socialite plugin. Today, we will start with setting up each website and creating an app on these sites to accept our OAuth requests.


Local OAUTH - Curl: (60) SSL certificate : Unable to get local issuer certificate

I've seen a couple of questions regarding the error Curl: (60) SSL certificate : Unable to get local issuer certificate and thought I would post some steps on the best way of setting it up locally.


Quick Update

Lots have been going on recently, so I do apologise for not writing a post as of late. I had to be made redundant by my previous employee due to lack of funds and not being able to push enough work my way. Luckily, the guys there are pretty cool and was happy to be my reference for any future employment. I was really lucky to find a new workplace and as soon as I left, I started my new position with Pulse8 Broadband.