Brave Browser and Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)

Brave Browser - blue explosion

Brave Browser, a new era in browsing

I’ve installed a new web browser called Brave and it offers users the ability to transfer BAT coins to the browser. You can distribute those coins to creators/publishers and the Brave Browser will allocate the coins respectively based on watch/view time. You have full control over who gets what and you can delete specific creators.

Brave also blocks ads and tracking scripts so you can view websites faster and not have companies watch your every move.

Problem with ad blocking

Say you have a favourite website that you regularly visit. You have an ad blocker installed which is great for you. However, your favourite website is no longer being supported by your views. They are losing money and therefore losing out on chances of creating better content for you. They become disheartened about the lack of money and you become disheartened by the lack of content or lack of quality of content.

You then stop viewing this person’s website, and so do a horde of other viewers. That creator then stops all content and wonders why no one would support him. The thing is, you probably would have if you had more options than just viewing ads.

Enter Brave, I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that Brave blocks ads and is also apart of the problem. Well that’s where you’re wrong, because of Basic Attention Tokens. Every time you view that person’s website, they earn a percentage of your purchased tokens. Other people using Brave can also take part and donate their tokens to this person’s fantastic content.

It’s a fantastic use of Crypto Currencies and anyone can get in on it. If you’re a creator or publisher, you could gain support from your fans and your fans can gain privacy and the ability to block ads.

If you would like to learn more, then just check out the Brave website. You could even help support me by clicking this link and using the browser actively for 30 days (I earn 5 BAT every time someone does this).

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  1. You should give Flattr a try also. It’s kind of the same idea as Brave, but you don’t have to change your web browser to use it as it works with Firefox and Chrome already. People can sign up for Flattr, pay $3+ per month, and automatically contribute to the websites they spend the most time on. It’s easier to use as you can pay with a credit card.

    Publishers just verify their domains and link their social media and creator accounts to collect their shares.

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