build a blogging habit using WordPress reminders

You can now build a blogging habit using WordPress reminders

How to build a blogging habit with WordPress reminders

Update your WordPress app, and you can set reminders for writing. Currently, you can set days, but you can’t set specific times to build a blogging habit. However, I have had feedback that this will be coming in a future update.

I’ve started using the feature, and it’s nice to remind myself that I should be writing a blog post. I still use my Google calendar for reminders midday. But when the update for picking specific times, that’s when I will make the switch.

It’s an exciting update, and I recommend all WordPress bloggers to get in on it. As soon as you update your app, you can set reminders by doing the following…

  • Go to the My Site tab.
  • Scroll down and tap on Site Settings.
  • You’ll see Blogging Reminders under General.
  • Select the days you want to write, and you’ll be reminded with push notifications.

The update is app only and won’t be available to website users. However, if you use the app on a phone or tablet, then you can use the feature as soon as you receive the update.

Please find out more information in this blog post by WordPress, and build a blogging habit today!

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