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  • Has anyone started to use WordPress Stories yet?

    Has anyone started to use WordPress Stories yet?


  • The Suicide Squad 2021 Movie Review – A Spectacular watch!

    Advertisements If you enjoyed the first rendition of The Suicide Squad, then this one is a must-watch! (No spoilers) Over the weekend, my family and I decided to watch The Suicide Squad. It’s above and beyond better than the first film. And while it’s loosely following the first, you don’t need to watch it before […]

  • Weekly roundup

    Advertisements I hope everyone has had a lovely week, and I apologise for the lack of Podcast episodes. However, things will return to a more daily schedule as I get more into the “bulk recording” habit. Please feel free to take a look at any posts that you may find of interest, and please support […]

  • 215 Innocent Children Crossfit Workout

    Advertisements Yesterday, my CrossFit box programmed the workout “215 innocent children”, and while it’s for a lovely cause and in memorial of the 215 indigenous children found buried at the Kamloops Indian Residential School. A word of warning if you wish to attempt the 215 innocent children workout. It’s a long and gruelling workout that […]

  • There are so many movie releases this year, and I’m excited!

    Advertisements This year’s movie releases has me very excited I’m going to start by saying, I haven’t seen Black Widow yet, but I am excited to watch it as soon as I can. Now for the real movie releases that I’m excited for. The Suicide Squad James Gunn is directing this movie, and it looks […]

  • Sadly, Joey Jordison has passed away at 46

    Advertisements Joey Jordison, the founding Slipknot drummer has passed away at the age of 46 Much like the passing of Chester Bennington, this has hit me hard. Slipknot has been a huge part of my metal discography, and Joey was an inspiration for me. His drumming abilities were incredible, and I always remember his drum […]

  • You can embed WordPress posts into your WordPress blog

    Advertisements I had no idea you could embed WordPress posts until recently Recently, I was reading a blog post, and I noticed her links looked different to mine. I’ve used JetPack’s “Latest Posts” block in “My first weekly roundup” and while it does look nice, I wasn’t sure how I could get the same look […]

  • How To Watch The 2021 Crossfit Games

    Advertisements Where Can You Watch The 2021 CrossFit Games? The 2021 CrossFit games start today, and many of you might be wondering where and when you can start watching. The good news for many of us outside of the US can watch it from the comfort of our own homes. You can watch on their […]

  • CrossFit Games 2021 starts tomorrow. Who’s excited?

    Advertisements The CrossFit Games 2021 starts tomorrow and I didn’t realise until today… The Tokyo Olympics started over the past weekend, and we are now about to enter the CrossFit Games 2021. Starting tomorrow, we will be able to watch these incredible athletes compete to gain the title of “Fittest on Earth”. Mat Fraser recently […]

  • My first weekly roundup

    Advertisements I used to do this with my weekly newsletter until I took a long break on that. But I think it would be good to add it here instead. Please feel free to take a look at any posts that you may find of interest, and please support me if you enjoyed them.

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