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5 of the best Laravel books

Posted in Laravel, Programming Tutorials on Jun 12, 2017

Find out which books you should get to help you learn Laravel.

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Posted in General Updates, Laravel on Aug 03, 2016

If you're looking forward to what Laravel 5.3 has to offer then I would definitely recommend that you watch this video of Taylor Otwell which goes into detail on what the latest version has to offer. It is pretty long at 1 hour and 36 minutes, but my gosh is it worth it.

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Laracon US - Laravel 5.3 overview

Posted in General Updates, Laravel on Jul 29, 2016

The last two days I have been keeping an eye on the Laracon US live stream shown on and while the first day of the stream didn't go too well, the second days stream has been phenomenal (Review will be coming soon).

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The beginning of our Laravel social network

Posted in General Updates, Laravel on Jul 22, 2016

A long while back, I said I would love to create and document making a social networking website using the Laravel framework, well that hasn't happened, like at all.

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Using View Composers in Laravel 5.2

Posted in Laravel, Programming Tutorials on Feb 03, 2016

I have started using Laravel's View Composers which come in handy when you have a navigation bar that constantly needs certain data. For example, you have an ecommerce store and you need to poll how many items a user has in their basket on pretty much every page they move onto, or you need a login/register button when a user isn't logged in and then a profile options button when they are. You could be really lazy and add the same code/query into every single controller, which yes, that will work, but then that's not DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself). To fix this, we can complete a couple of simple steps and have one bit of code which will constantly be in use every time a certian partial is called.

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Unique slug for news articles using Laravel's unique valitation

Posted in Laravel, Programming Tutorials on Jan 27, 2015

Just recently at work, I had to change the way my news articles worked. We have a client who has Holiday Homes, and they have news articles per park. When I redeveloped the website in Laravel, I created a one to many relationship based on one park has many news articles.

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UTF-8 causing problems for Social and Email Websites Laravel

Posted in Laravel, Programming Tutorials on Dec 08, 2014

I've been developing a couple of projects which use UTF-8 encoding on my databases, but have found that this has been problematic recently. Mobile phones and tablets now use emoticons which can cause problems for us UTF-8 users. So how do we fix this issue? Well let me explain below...

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How To Use Jquery UI Sortable in Laravel 4

Posted in Laravel, Programming Tutorials on Sep 03, 2014

I needed a way to change the sort order of my data inside of an admin interface which I have created. After a little looking around, I found many tutorials which would show how to get this done with JQuery, but wouldn't show the best way to handle this data (and in my case using Laravel to handle this data)...

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Laravel AJAX Tutorial Using HTML5's FormData

Posted in Laravel, Programming Tutorials on Aug 28, 2014

For this tutorial, I will show you guys how I managed to create an image uploader for your profile image. This is very similar to how Facebook's/Twitter's functionality. First of all, lets create the routes, for this we will need to create a get and post route...

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Nice little Laravel tip (Blade Ternary Operator)

Posted in Laravel, Programming Tutorials on Jun 26, 2014

Just today, I was looking at using a ternary operator in Laravel's Blade templating system and thought to myself... "There must be a better way of doing this". After a quick Google aanndd... BEHOLD THE OR STATEMENT! Since version 4.1 they managed to sneak in this "or" statement and it's managed to bypass so many people (I figured this out by the lack of voices shouting about this on Google).