Category: PHP

  • 5 of the best programming books

    My personal top 5 Programming books

  • ReactPHP and Symfony

    I started listening to a great Podcast series which talks a lot about different PHP and server technologies and on one of the later episodes, they talk about ReactPHP.

  • Using View Composers in Laravel 5.2

    I have started using Laravel’s View Composers which come in handy when you have a navigation bar that constantly needs certain data. For example, you have an e-commerce store and you need to poll how many items a user has in their basket on pretty much every page they move onto, or you need a login/register button when a user isn’t logged in and then a profile options button when they are.

  • Guzzle Curl Error 60 SSL unable to get local issuer

    I’ve seen a couple of questions regarding the error Curl: (60) SSL certificate : Unable to get local issuer certificate and thought I would post some steps on the best way of setting it up locally.

  • Unique slug Laravel unique validation

    Just recently at work, I had to change the way my news articles worked. We have a client who has Holiday Homes, and they have news articles per park. When I redeveloped the website in Laravel, I created a one to many relationships based on one park has many news articles.

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