Docker has been fun, but it’s time to move on…

As a few of you may know, I have been using [Docker]( for some time to deploy my site with. It’s been a great learning experience for me and is something I wish to carry on with.

However, because of the nature of the beast, and the lack of knowledge I have with the technology, I have decided that I shouldn’t be using it to host my live Blog when I am still learning how it works.

Therefore, I have decided to create a new DO Droplet and deploy my site with [Laravel Forge]( This is a cheap, but great solution which allows for unlimited servers and domains, and allows me to create a deployment strategy using many cloud services/servers.

As I am already using Digital Ocean, I thought it would make sense to carry on using this as it is just such a great service.

I do hope to carry on with Docker, but as I am still learning what it’s capable of, I will carry on using it locally. There are many things I am still finding out such as making your website code a data container, which is something I didn’t know at the time and could have been one of the reasons why my site was very volatile.

Every time I tried to update my CMS (which is running [OctoberCMS](, it would break something. This could have been due to my lack of knowing, or it could have been down to file permissions, or maybe using the wrong [OctoberCMS]( version.

Whatever it was, it now works a lot better being on a server management/deployment strategy and it should continue to keep working as long as I use the service. There are also plenty of great tutorials on how to use the service and it has a lot of great tools to help ease the stress of server management.

Like I say, I should never have used it on my live site before fully knowing, but I will continue to explore it’s uses and find easier ways of deployment. This is definitely not the end of my Docker usage, and I hope to have many more great experiences using such awesome technology.

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