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How to watch the entire Dragon Ball seasons (English dub)


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Just because it’s Dragon Ball related, I thought I would share my After Effects video.

Dragon Ball can be hard to find if you’re outside the United States

Dragon Ball can be pretty hard to find. Especially, if you’re like me living outside of the US. This is completely legal, and does require paying for some services which supports the shows.

Sign up for a VPN

First off, you will need to sign up for a VPN in order to enjoy Dragon Ball. This is because it can only be enjoyed if you’re inside USA. Personally, I signed up to Nord VPN (use this link for your first month free), but you can use any VPN service.

Sign up to crunchyroll and Funimation

Crunchyroll and Funimation are both platforms you can use to enjoy anime. Funnily enough, crunchyroll has purchased funimation, but Dragon Ball Super dubbed isn’t on crunchyroll yet. For this reason, you will have to use funimation to watch Super unless you’re okay with subs.

Open up your chose VPN and select an American connection

Now you have signed up to everything, you should open up your chosen VPN program and set your connection to America. Once done, you can view any video content that is limited to America. Search for Dragon Ball, and the entire series for Dragon Ball and Z will be in crunchyroll as well as funimation. However, Super dubbed will need to be enjoyed on funimation for now.

Can’t log into either platform?

I had this issue where I couldn’t log into crunchyroll or funimation even though I knew the password was correct. I even reset my password and tried again. It turns out, both platforms will block you from logging in if you’re connected to your VPN.

If you experience this issue, you will need to disconnect from your VPN and try the login form again. Hopefully, it should allow you to login now. Once logged in, you can connect to your VPN and continue watching content.

Bonus: Connect your console to your VPN

Playstation and Xbox haven’t got a native VPN client, so you will have to connect via another method. Thankfully, I can teach you how to do this.

First of all, you will need an ethernet cable. Plug one connection to your console, and the other to your PC. On your PC, click on the Windows button and search for View network connections.

Press enter, and on the connections, find the VPN connection. Right click and select properties.

Click on the sharing tab and select Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection. In the dropdown, select Ethernet.

Click on the ok button, and you should be good to go. Connect your VPN to an American lcoation, boot up your console, and test your connection. If it says you’re connected, then you should be able to view American content. This doesn’t just work for the above apps, but it will also work for Netflix and other video apps who restrict videos by region.

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dragon ball collection

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