I’m stuck for ideas today but I hope you can enjoy this video as much as I did. It’s funny, and silly, and hopefully it cheers you up if you’re feeling glum! It certainly cheered me up when I watched it.

Fireman cat!


Video explained

Fireman cat is relaxing with their owner until they’re alerted by another cat meowing out for help as it’s stuck in a tree. Fireman cat has wide-eyes and then they ride their fire truck which breaks through the garage door. the firetruck travels to the cat crying out for help. The truck is moving fast until it hits a kirb, and fireman cat is left wondering what to do next. The cat stuck in the tree is still stuck, and is on the look out for help, but it never comes. The video ends shortly, and you never actually know if the cat stuck in the tree is saved, but it’s a funny video nonetheless.

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If you want to see more silly cat videos, then take a look at this YouTube channel Aaron’s Animals. I haven’t actually seen his YT channel before, but it looks funny, silly, and everything you could hope for with animated animals.

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