Going live every day on YouTube until I reach 1,000 subscribers challenge

Hello fellow readers! It’s been a while, and I want to apologise for that. I’ve been struggling to write anything, but that energy has moved onto making videos for YouTube.

My blog will still be here as it always has, but I would like to shift focus and take a real shot at YouTube. I’m going live every single day until I reach 1,000 subscribers. Why? You may ask.

Well… I’m not sure why. Call me crazy. Call me weird. I just wanted to see if I could rise to the challenge and potentially reach monetisation status while having a little fun.

So far, I have enjoyed going live, and will continue to do so. I’lol probably continue the live streams after reaching my goal, but I may change it up as I don’t want to promise daily streams after reaching my goal. We’ll just go with the flow and see where life take me.

So. You’re probably wondering how you can get involved. If you’ve reached this far, and would like to join my daily live streams (there’s no topic or specific thing to discuss). We can just chill out, have a laugh and be a warm, welcoming community.

If that sounds great, and you got this far, then please subscribe and hang out in the chat. You don’t have to talk, you can have the stream in the background. Whatever suits you. Click here to subscribe.

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