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Last month was a pretty boring yet stressful month for me. However, I did close it nicely by starting a new job. It’s a senior developer position with a company called Meshh. They’re a market research company and create analytical data from live events. I’m pretty excited to be joining, and I hope I’ll pass my 3 month probation period.

Last months blog posts

As for January blog posts, let’s see what went on…

What am I planning in February?

A few blog posts are sitting in my drafts folder that I hope to post very soon. Hopefully, I can slowly get back into a nice rhythm of blog posts which you can all enjoy. I’m sure lockdown will still be ongoing for the whole of this month, which is a little annoying because I want to get back to CrossFit and see more faces again.

Oh, it’s also my wife’s birthday on the 13th, and then valentines on the 14th so we’ll be having a few treats. Despite the shit-storm, life isn’t all that bad, and I’m very grateful for what I have.

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