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Joe Wicks Book Review – The Shift Plan (Book 1)


My review of Joe Wicks Book “The Shift Plan”

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This isn’t a strict diet – it’s a lifestyle that will transform your body and the way you eat forever. Once I teach you how to fuel your body properly, you will never need to follow a low-calorie diet again.’ In his first book, Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, reveals how to SHIFT your body fat by eating more and exercising less.

Lean in 15 features 100 recipes for nutritious, quick-to-prepare meals and guides you through Joe’s signature HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) home workouts – revealing how to combine food and exercise to ignite intense fat-burning. The thousands of amazing body transformations Joe’s clients have achieved prove that his method works.

Now you too can learn how to eat in line with your energy demands every day. With recipes divided into 3 sections – Reduced-Carbohydrate, Post-Workout Carbohydrate-Refuel, and Snacks – and top tips for ‘Prepping Like A Boss’, Lean in 15 provides a plan for sustainable fat loss that will inspire you to keep your body healthy, strong and lean – forever.

Joe Wicks Book – The Shift Plan

Joe Wicks has become a loveable character with his charm and witty banter. When I first saw him on Channel 4 (Joe Wicks: The Body Coach). I couldn’t help but think how annoying he was, but wow did his food look amazing…

So because of the delicious food on the telly. I became so engrossed that by the end of it, I couldn’t help but love him and what he stood for. His mentality in that dieting was wrong and you should eat whole, healthy foods really rung true in my ears.

The next day, I purchased Joe Wicks book. (Not the one in this review, but the second one in the other review). On Amazon Prime and awaited it’s delivery. I then started cooking all sorts of meals which then actually got me to buy his first book.

The Joe Wicks book contains a lot more low carbohydrate meals. It also recommends you to eat 3 low carb meals on a rest day, and just 1 high carb meal on a workout day. This works perfectly as I do tend to bloat on carbs anyway.

I can whole heartedly say that I have yet to eat a bad meal from Joe Wicks book. I always look forward to what is next within the day. There are some meals like the chicken pie and Joe’s mum’s lasagne which I could eat time and time again, and not get bored of at all.

Don’t even get me started with breakfast. The overnight oats and the smoothies (nut and mango, and fast-me-up) make me want to jump up out of bed and grab every ingredient needed to wake up and and start my day right.

Joe Wicks Book negatives

Now, for the negatives of Joe Wicks Book (not many, but definitely important)… The biggest negative, is you really do need to prep like a boss. I know it says it right at the start of the book, but do NOT take this lightly. My partner and I missed a weekly plan. At the beginning of our start week and it completely threw us off for that entire week. Joe Wicks can not stress enough just how important this is.

Finally, the shopping can get costly, especially at first. It should start balancing out, but just be prepared to splash out a little from the start. If you keep these two negatives in mind then you are definitely good to go, and will enjoy most Joe Wicks recipes from Joe Wicks book.

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Lean in 15 FAQs

Which is the first Lean in 15 book?

The Shift Plan is the first book from Joe Wicks.

How many lean in 15 books are there?

There are three lean in 15 books.

Joe Wicks books in order

  1. The Shift Plan
  2. The Shape Plan
  3. The Sustain Plan

How many books has Joe Wicks made?

So far, Joe Wicks has written 9 books.

How much does Joe Wicks cost?

His worth is currently estimated to be around £6.4million.

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