Sadly, Joey Jordison has passed away at 46

Joey Jordison, the founding Slipknot drummer has passed away at the age of 46

A picture of Joey Jordison dressed in his Slipknot mask and tree like gloves posing for his picture.

Much like the passing of Chester Bennington, this has hit me hard. Slipknot has been a huge part of my metal discography, and Joey was an inspiration for me. His drumming abilities were incredible, and I always remember his drum solos played live on a twisting platform.

His playing style was unique, and brutal, and you knew he loved his craft. He seemed like an awesome guy, and I think anyone would have been lucky to meet him. I certainly wish I could have done.

Joey Jordison maybe gone, but he is certainly never forgotten. There will always be a place in our hearts for him, and I will be going through early Slipknot and Murder Dolls music to remember him and his abilities.

If you need a playlist with his best of material, then I have found a Spotify playlist you might enjoy. RIP Joey, you will forever be in our hearts.

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