Ko-Fi Membership Tiers

Ko-Fi Membership Tiers are available for everyone!

Ko-Fi Membership Tiers


Everyone can now get Ko-Fi Membership Tiers!

Ko-Fi released membership tiers exclusively for gold members back in 2018 but with the rise in popularity, they have released memberships for all members. This means that you no longer need to subscribe to gold in order to use membership tiers.

Instead, you can sign up straight away, and see the “Memberships” link under “more ways to earn” in your dashboard.

More ways to earn. Shop. Commissions. Memberships (new). Buttons and widgets. Discord. Stream Alerts. More.

Once you click on the link, you will be taken to the new memberships page. Here, you can set the mode from Membership tiers to Simple monthly donations, or you can switch it off if you don’t plan on using this feature. I believe “simple monthly donations” allows a fan to choose their own monthly amount without subscribing to any tiers.

However, the former option for tiers is what most people will be choosing. Personally, I have chosen this tier, and have 2 tiers already set up. My first is a bronze tier that allows you to add a sponsored link of your choosing which will be on my Sponsors page. The silver tier gives you the same as bronze plus a blog post written about anything you’d like. It can also have links back to a website of your choice.

Membership Setup. Memberships is now live for all creators! We really appreciate your feedback. Generate a meaningful monthly income and offer rewards for your supporters. Membership mode. You can choose to offer membership tiers or just let supporters donate monthly from the donation panel. Dropdown which has membership tiers, simple monthly donations (no tiers), off. Tiers. Button with text Add tier. List of tiers including Bronze tier membership, silver tier membership.

I feel like these are the correct tiers for me to have right now considering that I am a blogger looking to support my fans. My blog receives a lot of views per day, and I believe what I offer is of great value for anyone looking to join as a member.

Another great thing about membership tiers is the fact you can share a direct link. This means that if you’re looking to promote memberships more than donations, you can link straight to the memberships page.

And another great thing about Ko-Fi is the fact it’s free, and they take 0 fees from any donations. The only fee that happens are from either Stripe or PayPal and that means you take home even more of the money as compared to other donation and membership platforms.

What are your thoughts

What do you think of this new feature? Have you, or will you sign up to Ko-Fi if you haven’t done so already? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and I will respond to them.

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