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Rank Math is my new favourite SEO WordPress plugin

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Goodbye Yoast, it’s time for a new SEO plugin and it’s called Rank Math

Rank Math is a fantastic SEO plugin, and it’s relatively new in this space. I’ve been using Yoast SEO for years, and I really enjoyed their traffic light system. However, I spotted Rank Math in the list of WordPress plugins and decided to give it a try. In the past, I tried the All In One plugin, but I was not too fond of the lack of helpful steps that Yoast came with.

Rank Math is similar to Yoast, but rather than giving you a traffic light system. It gives you a scoring system out of 100. I feel like the help given is a lot more helpful and a lot more in-depth. It’s more lightweight, and page loads when creating new posts are generally faster.

You also get a 404 monitor, which monitors pages that return a 404. You can then create redirects for future users if that page is viewed again. This means you no longer need a separate plugin to handle redirection or for 404 monitoring.

You can connect it with Google Analytics, Google Search and view your results from inside the plugin’s dashboard. Everything you could ever think of for search engine optimisation is in this plugin, and they still manage to keep it simple to use while giving you enough information to take action.

Look at the screenshot below to have a minimised preview of current errors I have with this blog post, and you can even see what my current score is. To make this post better, I need to make it to at least 600 words. Make sure my keyword density is lower because it’s too high right now. I also have no internal or external links, which are very easy to fix. Everything it suggests is easy to remedy and is often overlooked when writing blog posts or pages. The Focus keywords will also go green as you give it the correct density. Density means the number of times the keyword is mentioned. Too little, and search engines won’t see it as a keyword. Too much, and search engines will think you’re keyword spamming, so you need to get the right number.

Rank Math SEO score

Also, notice how you can add more than one focus keyword. Yoast will only allow for a single keyword unless you upgrade to premium. However, Rank Math allows for more on the free version before asking you to upgrade. It’s another positive that I really do enjoy. At first, I thought I wouldn’t worry about adding more than one. However, I’ve now gotten into the habit of adding around 3 keywords to focus on. This means I will get better results when it comes to SEO.

Integrations galore!

Rank Math will also integrate with BBPress, BuddyPress, Woocommerce and more, and it’s all free as well, which is unbelievable. They do have a premium upgrade at $59, which is a limited time offer, and the usual price is $129 while Yoast is $89. Even at the full price, I still think it has better features than Yoast does.

If you’re currently using Yoast or another SEO plugin, I highly recommend you give Rank Math ago. If you don’t like it, you can always uninstall it and go back to what you were using. I’m very excited by this new plugin, and I can’t wait to see what they bring next. Also, they have big companies using the plugin, which gave me another reason to try it out.

Are you using Rank Math for your SEO? If so, let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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