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I’m often looking at AI technology cautiously, and watching what other’s do before diving in. I was the same when Rank Math released Content AI.

At first, I spent a few credits which I received from them on a couple of posts. It then showed me how my content stacked up against my competitions, but I didn’t think much of it. My brain was basically like “Oh, that’s cool” and I moved on.

It wasn’t until I started being more serious with my SEO that I could see how it can benefit me and my blog. At the moment, I only focus on the posts I want to do well, but I would like to use it on more smaller posts as I see the value grow.

What is Rank Math Content AI?

Rank Math Content AI is your personal assistant to help you write out blog posts which will compete better at a search level. It doesn’t force you to change your content, and you can still focus on writing for humans.

However, it does offer suggestions based on your target keyword and compares your writing to competitors of that keyword. Suggestions such as word count, number of headers and what headers you should have. It will also recommend the amount of media and links your post should have.

There’s even keyword and question suggestions which you might want to add an answer to. This means that your question and answer could pop up in Google’s question snippet which is great news.

It will then give you a total score, and your aim is to get it as much into the green as possible.

They are also constantly updating the tool to keep up with Google’s search algorithm. Google just recently had two massive changes which Rank Math responded to very swiftly.

How has Content AI helped my content and SEO?

Content AI has helped to bump up some of my more popular posts closer to the top of Google which is one of our biggest goals. It has also helped me focus on what’s important with each post. Sometimes you can optimise something that is already optimised enough, and you can go too much one way. E.g. too many images, too many headings, not the correct heading (h1, h2, h3 etc).

The comparisons between your competitors is exactly what you need, but it takes away the need to do it manually. It will crunch the numbers for you, and tell you exactly what you need to add or take away from your content.

As of writing this post (to this point), I still have a long way to go in order to reach anywhere near the green.

It also forces me to rethink my content, and what I should be adding in order to reach the green. Okay, we need some more written content, images or headings in order to compete.

This means there is still some planning and more content to be written out in order to ensure my post makes it to the top of Google search rankings. As you can see, my post is still low in word count, link count, heading count and media count.

Targeting specific countries

You can even target specific countries if you really want to drill down into your niches. However, I have kept it to worldwide, because there’s nothing like worldwide domination, baby! 😂

It doesn’t just work with posts

You can get this AI tool to work on Pages as well if your WordPress site is more Page than Blog based as well which gives you a whole load of flexibility.

A video on how it works

How does it Work?

Writing content that ranks is hard. Rank Math Content AI takes all the hassle out of writing. It ensures that the content you write is not only great for your visitors but also for search engines.

In essence, it will hold your hand while you write and ensure the content you create is worthy of top Search Engine Rankings.

No more guesswork. Write your content based on solid data, and reach the top of the Search Engine Result Pages.

They also have a huge resource on how to use it which explains everything you need to know.

SEO Score vs Content AI Score – What is the Difference?

Rank Math’s SEO score and AI score might look similar in the first instance, but they are fundamentally different in what they convey.

The SEO score is a measure of how well your content is optimized for basic SEO practices. To calculate the SEO score, Rank Math performs basic SEO tests on your content to see if it uses focus keyword(s), links to external resources, etc.

On the other hand, their AI analyzes your focus keyword with the data from existing search results to give you intelligent suggestions on how many words, headings, links, media to be used, what keywords can be used, and what links can be added. Then their AI measures how well your content is optimized for the provided suggestions to rate them with the AI score.

To keep it simple,

  • SEO score is for how well your content is optimized for the overall SEO such as SEO meta tags, readability, links, etc.
  • AI score is for how well the content is written around the target keyword.

Read more on their guide here.

What are the negatives?

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

While it is a fantastic tool, there are of course some negatives of Content AI that come with it. Sometimes, it can be hard to know which content you should use Content AI for. You only have so many credits, and once you’ve used them up, you have to buy more.

If you’re trying to conserve your credits, then you need to think about which posts are important to you and would like to boost up the ranks. Also, you need to think which keywords you really want to target which isn’t always obvious.

Personally, I think it would be better if Rank Math gave slightly more credits for each susbcription plan. I know the pricing isn’t a lot, especially compared to other SEO tools, but it would be good to have some each month to get new posts off to the races.

Also, they do sometimes create offers that can make purchasing credits even more tempting. Currently, all members can get 1.5x more Content AI credits per year at a lower price.

One positive is also it’s negative. Sometimes it can be tedius to keep writing and adding in content, but if you’re trying to get it into the green mark to compete, then it’s what you need to do.

Overall, Content AI is a great tool to add to your arsenal

If you’re looking for additional ai content generators, then I recommend this one. It has been working nicely for me, and I believe it could help you, my reader, as well.

Read my previous review on Rank Math is my new favourite SEO WordPress plugin.

After all of this, what is my score?

You may be wondering what my final score is before posting this content? Well here’s a screenshot for you.

Rank Math Score

What are your thoughts on ai content tools?

I’m aware that AI content generator software is very new, and most people are wary about using them. Some people even see it as being lazy. However, I personally think AI is here to stay, and we should look at and test these ai content creation tools. The only way to know that these can work for us is if we try and understand them.

AI in content marketing and content generation ai is going to be a boom for most of us, and it will help us compete with those stuck in the past.

I will of course be keeping an eye on each of these AI posts, and see where they take me. I’ll be posting updates to let you know, and hopefully it can give you more confidence in exploring them.

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