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Short-term brain, Wellness brain — Sasha Dichter’s Blog

“What do you do to preserve your sense of wellness?” I was recently asked this question as the prompt to a breakout I was a part of, and I gave an answer that I found surprising: 337 more words

Short-term brain, Wellness brain — Sasha Dichter’s Blog

I thought this was an interesting blog post by Sasha, and one that I constantly battle with. So many times I’ve woken up and felt like not wanting to go workout. On the days I don’t go, I feel guilty. Those days that I do fight it and go end up being some of my favourite workouts.

It’s the same with food and cooking. Sometimes, I end up cooking the best food I’ve ever cooked, and those are usually the days I didn’t want to cook in the first place.

I also agree that it’s easier than it sounds. You really have to push yourself to ignore your short-term brain, but once you do, you feel a lot more accomplished for doing the thing.

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