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I've been using SiteGround for almost 2 months now and so I thought it was time for a review.

My Conclusive review...

Firstly, SiteGround is really easy to get started. I selected their WordPress StartUp package which allowed me to set up my wife's website. SiteGround gave me a step by step process for setting up my newly created WordPress site, and I was ready to migrate my Weebly website over. This did take longer than usual because there's no way of migrating a site from Weebly to SiteGround. However, once I chose the correct theme, and I got the layout correct, the content was quickly copied/pasted over.

SiteGround also provides a very useful tool called "SG Optimiser" which helps speed up your website. It does this by resizing images correctly, adds caching, lazy loading, compression and much more.

Migrating my personal website

The process was so easy in fact, I decided to migrate my WordPress site hosted with DigitalOcean over and it also helped me save money. However, in order to migrate, I did need to upgrade to "GrowBig" and thankfully I only had to pay the difference between "StartUp" and "GrowBig" which was really helpful. The GrowBig packaged also allows my to host unlimited sites with 20GB of space. That's double the amount of space which was a huge bonus.

The migration from DigitalOcean to SiteGround was super easy. All I had to do was FTP my files and export/import my database. Of course, being a Web Developer, I'm very tech savvy. If you struggle with this, SiteGround offer a migration tool which could work in your favour.

To conclude...

If you're looking to self-host your WordPress blog or website, then I 100% recommend SiteGround. So far they have offered everything I need. With their 24/7 support, I know they will be there when I need them.

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