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Smol 2022 Review

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I have been using Smol products for over a year now and previously reviewed their laundry tablets. They have added laundry conditioner and surface sprays. Since first purchasing their laundry tablets, I have really grown to love them and the company.


Smol fabric conditioner

Smol conditioner

When they released the conditioner, it was an instant buy for me. It pairs really well with their tablets and smells fresh. Everything is vegan friendly, and there’s no harm to animals. It was shocking to find most conditioners use animal fat which is actually very grim. Just four squirts from their refillable bottle are all that you need for incredibly smelling washing.

Smol surface spray review

Smol orange spray

Now for their latest, smol sprays product. Three surface sprays combine glass, surface and bathroom—all in separate reusable bottles and dissolvable tablets. Upon first purchasing, you will receive both the bottles and dissolvable tablets. Subsequent orders will be the tablets alone.

Firstly, you have to fill each bottle up with warm water right up to the bottom of the rubber-banded label. Then place each coloured tablet in the corresponding coloured bottle. Each bottle has a label in case you forget which one is which. Once done, you can enjoy using your new sprays.

I have now tried each spray on its corresponding surfaces, and the results are fantastic. There’s no strong chemical smell or horrible residue. All the sprays do their jobs very well, and overall I am delighted with the new line-up of products.

Where and how to buy

Unfortunately, the fab-con and sprays don’t have a free trial. You’ll have to take my word for it. If you already use their laundry or dishwasher tablets, then these products are a fantastic addition. If you have yet to use Smol, then they have a free trial on their laundry and dishwasher tablets that you can try. Maybe you’ll grow to like them as much as my wife and I. Click here to take a look at their offerings and buy from them.

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