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  • Being added to PHPNews

    Being added to PHPNews

    Advertisements It’s kind of funny because when I started this blog, I was writing PHP tutorials. This is because I am a PHP developer. If there was something I was stuck on and I had to piece information together, I would bundle it up and turn it into a blog post. This was mainly so […]

  • Laravel Development with Vessel (Docker)

    Learn how to get started with Vessel

  • 5 of the best Laravel books

    My personal top 5 Laravel books

  • Social Network API update

    Last time I updated you guys on this, I only had a list of ideas and how it would initially pan out. I have now started the project and published the repo onto GitHub.

  • Laracon US – Laravel 5.3 overview

    The last two days I have been keeping an eye on the Laracon US live stream shown on StreamACon and while the first day of the stream didn’t go too well, the second days stream has been phenomenal (Review will be coming soon).

  • Social Networking site – Starting point

    In my last post, I said how I would create a new open sourced social networking website and I would start out on the API.

  • The beginning of our Laravel social network

    A long while back, I said I would love to create and document making a social networking website using the Laravel framework, well that hasn’t happened, like at all.

  • ReactPHP and Symfony

    I started listening to a great Podcast series which talks a lot about different PHP and server technologies and on one of the later episodes, they talk about ReactPHP.

  • Moltin API

    I want to introduce you guys to an awesome e-commerce API called Moltin. It takes out so much hard work when it comes to creating an e-commerce platform and I have been working with the API to try and create an open source Laravel e-commerce platform which utilises the Moltin API as the core part of the app.

  • How to containerize your PHP/NGINX docker project properly

    This evening, I had myself a little challenge. I would turn my two containers (MariaDB and my own built container) into more containers, but using the power of Docker’s official container repos. E.g. I would have 3 containers in total PHP7-FPM, NGINX and my already created MariaDB.

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