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  • My 2021 Spotify Unwrapped

    My 2021 Spotify Unwrapped

    Advertisements 20212 Spotify Unwrapped Intro I thought I would give this year’s 2021 Spotify unwrapped the WordPress Story approach. Since Spotify provides us with the update as a story, I wanted to give this post the same treatment and see how it plays out. My 2021: The Movie Soundtrack It’s funny how it starts with […]

  • How to be in the top 1 percent of podcasters and feel inspired

    Advertisements Here’s how to be in the top 1 percent of podcasters Let that tweet sink in for a second… 90% of podcasts don’t get past episode 3 Your competition is not the 2 million podcasts. It’s the 20,000 podcasters who didn’t quit. If you make four podcast episodes, you’re already in the top 10% […]

  • Restarting my Podcast

    Advertisements You probably don’t know I had a podcast because I never posted it on my blog. However, I was podcasting late last year, and took a break. I have now restarted the podcast series, and I have already release a handful of episodes. If you would like to give it a listen, you can […]

  • WordPress has partnered with Anchor

    WordPress has partnered with Anchor and integrates nicely with a new podcasting website. Let’s see what this partnership offers.

  • ReactPHP and Symfony

    I started listening to a great Podcast series which talks a lot about different PHP and server technologies and on one of the later episodes, they talk about ReactPHP.

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