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Tam’s Kitchen Vegan Takeaway Review


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Tam’s kitchen is a vegan takeaway based in Torbay. She does theme takeaway days, and my wife and I initially used her for takeaway roast dinners. It’s such a unique and awesome experience, and Tam is a lovely person. Her delivery drivers are also lovely and are always very happy.

We have also tried her burgers and chickpea flour fries which are amazing! My mother-in-law doesn’t like chickpeas but she enjoys the chickpea flour fries. Her food is as good as Li’l Mama yet very, very different. Torbay is getting an outstanding reputation for delicious vegan takeaway meals.

The deliveries are mostly on time, and if they are late, they are only ever late by 5 – 10 minutes. Even if they were an hour late, it would 100% be worth it. Her roast dinners taste incredible, and I absolutely love her Yorkies.

Tam’s Kitchen has a great variety!

She also does burgers, curries, cakes and tarts. Honestly, every dish we’ve had has been superb, and we love going back to her for more food. If you’re in the Torbay area, be sure to check out her Facebook or Instagram, where she posts regularly. She’s also more than happy to be sent a message if you have any queries/problemns.

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