This could be the worst year for fires in 2021

Heading for a disaster

Already, we see precedented destruction when it comes to wildfires. The world is heating up, and the government still doesn’t care. They would rather fly than take a train or car journey, and they’re still trying to create more roads. Some motorways have planned expansions, and if you look at the facts, it isn’t needed.

What we need right now is a plan to have fewer cars on the road: more trains and better train infrastructure, and more bikes and bike infrastructure. Imagine having cycle roads that are away from pedestrians and away from roads. They would be safe and wouldn’t annoy drivers. If we could have more reliable and faster trains, people would be more likely to catch them.

And then there’s the wildlife situation. We need more trees and wild plants in as many places as possible. Recently, I watched Jeremy Clarkson’s farm series on Amazon Prime. And while I didn’t agree with a lot of what he did, I did enjoy his decision to create a wetland to encourage more wildlife. He helped to promote wild growth by creating a wetland farm. He also encouraged owls with owl homes and planted tons of wildflowers. This was an incredible feat, and I think many farmers should be doing the same to bring back the all-important wildlife in our country. This would also help reduce carbon emissions and help to battle climate change.

Obviously, what he has done is simply a drop in the ocean when battling climate change, but it’s a fantastic start. If we could have more people like him and more people pushing for cleaner infrastructure, then we would be a winner.

Let’s keep going, and let’s keep pushing each other to live better, greener lives.

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