Unique slug Laravel unique validation

Just recently at work, I had to change the way my news articles worked. We have a client who has Holiday Homes, and they have news articles per park. When I redeveloped the website in Laravel, I created a one to many relationship based on… “One park has many news articles”.

I really should have created a many to many relationship. There could be the same articles per park, but I was young and naive. Because I worked in this way, I needed to figure out a way where I could have the same or similar articles with the same article slug, but unique only to that park.

So say if I had a park in Cornwall, I could create an article which has the slug of “owners-update”. This slug could be used on another park which is in Devon, but the slug couldn’t then be used again in Cornwall as it has been done.

Add a similar rule to the one below in your create method. You will get the results which I was looking for…

slug' => 'required|unique:news,slug,NULL,id,park_id,' . $input['park_id'],

This rule will then ONLY apply to an article with the same park id.

Ref: Laravel Unique Rule


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