Picture of Market Cross in Chichester city

Visiting Chichester City and walking Kingley Vale


Visiting my sister-in-law and her fiance

On Saturday, we visited Tiff’s sister, and her fiance. While we were there, we spent Saturday visiting Chichester city and Kingley Vale.

Chichester City was lovely despite bad reviews

Even though Chichester city has been voted one of the worst places to visit in the UK, I thought it was really nice. The paintings (or graffiti) in the alleyways were really nice. Tiff and I especially liked the two rats and a rainbow cat (picured below). They look like banksy artwork and could very well be his work but I’m not 100% sure. If anyone can confirm/deny in the comments, then I would very much appreciate that.

Photo taken in Chichester City. First rat is holding a sign which says "It's Priti awful". Second rat's sign says "Kill the Bill" and there's a rainbow cat leading in the front.
First rat is holding a sign which says “It’s Priti awful”. Second rat’s sign says “Kill the Bill” and there’s a rainbow cat leading in the front.

Kingley Vale, a huge, open and beautiful nature reserve

Kingley Vale was a huge and mostly open walk. There are plenty of trees and places for shade which was great, because it was bloody hot! We took water and food to keep us going, but 3.5 milks (5km) was a lot on a 30C hot day. I know, I know. 30C isn’t hot compared to other countries but we are acclimatised to this sort of weather, and the humidity makes it even worse. The walk overall was enjoyable, and we survived the heat with no sun burn (remember your sun cream!).

We then got back to their place, had an amazing (vegan) barbecue with alcohol and finished the day off with Pain & Gain.

I’ve seen that movie four times now, but the face it’s based on a true story gets me every time. I love how in the middle of the movie, it has to remind you that it is still a true story. This is because the whole situation they get themselves into is so absurd.

In fact, it was so absurd that the police didn’t even believe the guy who was kidnapped, beaten and almost killed. It’s a hilarious movie that I love going back to every so often. Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie are great actors who worked well together.

Anyway, that was pretty much our weekend. Tiff and I left early on Sunday so we could get home and do some (really fun) house work while settling down for the evening. We finished off Fear Street on Netflix which was a great series of movies, watched the first episode of the new Explained series and started to watch Malcom in the Middle. It was a lovely weekend, and very much a needed time out to chill.

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Spending the weekend with family

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