Looking at our house during the build process before we move house.

9-weeks until we move house! The excitement builds!


Moving home is always hard, but I’m looking forward to the day we move house.

When we move house, I’m sure there will be many hard challenges ahead, but we’re ready for what they may bring. The purchase was made with Barratt Homes in March, and we will hopefully move house on the 10th of November.

It’s always very stressful moving house, but this our first home that we’ve purchased. I know the mortgage and extra outgoings will probably also be very stressful at first, but I’m certain my wife and I will make it work.

We recently went to visit our new home during it’s build phase, and it’s wild to think we’re moving from a 1-bedroom flat with a shared garden to a 3-bedroom house with our own garden. There will be plenty of tasks to do, but my main goal is to create a smart home that can help us save energy and money.

We’re moving more and more into an energy crisis, and bills are on the rise. My goal is to reduce the amount generate as much as possible. To do this, I will be purchasing and installing a smart thermostat with smart radiator dials, smart blinds which aim to keep warmth in (during the Winter) and heat out (during the Summer).

Another thing I’m looking forward to is having plants, and lots of them! We have a few indoor plants, but when we move house, we’ll finally be able to get plenty of outdoor plants as well. Tiff already got me an outdoor apple tree which I can’t wait to give a home. We’re also looking into growing blueberries, strawberries and hopefully some vegetables as well.

Another thing I can’t wait for is to give my bicycle a better storage location. It’s currently in our bedroom and we have to walk around it. We’re constantly bumping into it at the moment, and soon we’ll be able to put it away in our shed.

It’s been an incredibly long process and it took far longer than expected to actually get the keys, but we almost finally have them.

It is almost time to finally pick up our keys and move house. We are still organising removal vans, an actual move date, and we have so much more to do before we move house. Even though I’m certain we have it all under control, there will always be something we miss and won’t realise until the day we move house.

I’m literally counting down the days for when we move house. There’s a countdown on my phone which I look at every single day. It’s probably sad for a lot of people, but this is the biggest thing we’ve ever done in our life. We struggled so much to save the money, and the day until we move house is fast approaching.

I want to write another blog post in the future which will go through the steps we took to buy our first home. It will go through the steps of deciding to save, where we saved our money, and how we eventually found the right home.

Have you got any tips and suggestions to make for when we move house? Fire away in the comments below, and I will definitely take them in. Maybe it will help someone else who is reading this article as well.

Looking at our house during the build process before we move house.
The building on the left is one we’re moving into. We will move house very soon!

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