About Michael Brooks

My morning wake up routine

I have a phone alarm and a wake up light that replicates sunset and sunrise (it's meant more for my fiance, but also helps me). I get up at 6am and clean the dishes if they aren't done from the previous day.

If lunch hasn't been prepped and done from the previous day, then I pop some meat into the oven and then check social media and interact with a few people and respond to replies and messages.

I then clean out my coffee machine wack some beans in and get my coffee ready. Whilst this is brewing away, I then make myself a delicious smoothie from one of my many Joe Wicks books.

If my fiance hasn't gotten up by this time, then I feed our 4 cats as they will constantly beg. I then jump in the shower, clothe myself, drink my cuppa, then make sure I have everything ready for work. I then give my fiance a kiss and a cuddle and say goodbye, she tells me to drive safe and off I go.

I find it fairly easy waking up at 6 because I will literally jump out with little or no thought at all

Origin Story

I begged my mum to buy me a computer for Christmas when I was younger and she swears to this day that it’s the best thing she bought me. Since then, I have spent plenty of time in my bedroom trying out different skillsets such as programming, video effects, Photoshop, web development and many more.

I soon settled on website development as my main computer skill and went on to go to College to study a level 2 in IT Practitioners and a level 3 in Web Media, gaining a triple distinction and a distinction* as my grades. I also read a lot about the latest tech and gadgets and strive to keep up to date on all the information out there.


Gaming on my Xbox One or PC, Watching movies at home or at the cinema, Mountain Biking and playing guitar.

Favourite films

Batman: The Dark Knight Trilogy, Avengers, Insididous

Best lines from a film

  • ‘watch your language’ – Captain America / Avengers Age of Ultron
  • ‘why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.’ – Thomas Wayne / Batman Begins

Favourite websites


Inspired by

Mark Zuckerberg, he’s pretty amazing at what he does.

Would like to own all the gadgets in the world Favourite brands Microsoft, Monster, Ibanez Favourite gadget Xbox One Like to collect Gadgets Daily read/source Reddit, Laracasts What makes you happy When I’m with my 5 cats and my fiancé (I’m crazy, I know) Would like to meet John Frusciante (former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist) Music I love anything rock and metal with the occasional Dubstep, sometimes all at once which is now called Metalstep, who knew… Tell us something we don’t know about you I go to quite a few gigs and love being in the centre of mosh pits. Download Festival used to be my yearly thing before I couldn’t get any more money for it.