A list of my favourite content creators

This will be a living, breathing document of every person I gather useful information from. It will be for readers to hopefully find new people with who they can connect. I read a lot of Twitter statuses, Facebook pages/groups, blog posts and more. Please find this of some use, and recommend people who you think will fit in.

Tech Reviewers

  • Holly Brockwell – She is a fantastic tech reviewer, and we share a great love for cats. – Twitter BlogPatreon
  • Paul Hibbert – I love his sense of humour and videos on smart devices. You can clearly see he has a love for tech and his job as a reviewer. – TwitterYouTubePatreon


  • Eric L Barnes – I’ve known Eric for a long time. I’ve been a fan of Laravel News since I first discovered it. I also followed his blog 5 or 6 years ago, and I always enjoy his content. – TwitterWebsite
  • Ollie Read – He’s a great developer with a lot of insight and information about the language. If you’re looking for someone knowledgeable in PHP/Laravel, then you should follow him. – Twitter
  • Paul Ingram – Paul is a PHP developer and a pilot. His career and flights are always interesting to see. – TwitterMedium Blog
  • Emmet Naughton – Twitter
  • Kurt Kemple – Twitter
  • Jules Kulscar – Twitter


Eco Warriors

  • Phil Sturgeon – He’s a hardworking chap who is primarily an API developer for StopLight. Also, he has a tree-planting charity and is on a mission to plant as many trees as possible while travelling the world by bike. He avoids planes and has proved you can use a mix of bikes, trains, and ferries to travel the world. – TwitterYouTube

Indie Hackers

Mental Health

Audio Hosts

Queen AshJo – Twitter

atomic habits journal | Notion Template

Atomic Habits Journal | A notion Template for sale

Yesterday, I started reading “Atomic Habits”, and so far, it’s a fantastic read. I’m two chapters in and have already learnt so much. There will be a post in the future that will review the book. As well as add a summary of my thoughts.

Meanwhile, I have also been using Notion as my day to day planner. This is when an idea hit! Wouldn’t it be great to create a habit/system tracker template that anyone can use?

I have created a Notion template called Atomic Habits Journal that anyone can purchase and use for their own personal use. Simply purchase through my Ko-Fi store, and it will direct you to the template. From here, you can duplicate the template and use it as much as you’d like. Of course, you can also change it to suit your personal needs. It’s a fantastic starter template, and I think you will love your purchase as much as I have created it. Track goals, weekly good habits, weekly bad habits, and take notes wherever inspiration strikes.

The cost for the template starts at £10, but you can pay more if you’re feeling generous. I appreciate any purchase and support from my fellow readers, and I hope you find it as useful as I have. There will be updates, and all updates will be free for life. If you’d like to add feedback, please feel free to get in touch.

Also, I’m more than happy to ask any questions you might have. All comments are welcome. Feel free to fire them below. There will also be more Notion templates in the future, which will be announced here as well. As an example, I will be creating a CrossFit Journal and a Self-Care journal in the future.

I’m a Rave Coffee addict | Here’s my review

I’ve been ordering coffee from Rave Coffee since January, and it has become a staple of my day to day life. The coffee is ordered each month (sometimes twice in a single month). Their range of choice and being able to pick the amount, grind type and roast type is incredible.

They have coffee beans which you can order as beans or blended for different filter types. You can also choose unroasted if you want to roast from home. (Click here to see my accidental purchase of unroasted beans). Or you can purchase roasted in a massive variety of roasting strengths and flavours. There’s also decaf and Nespresso pods for anyone with an espresso machine. I don’t, but I imagine it would taste just as fantastic.

Their signature blend is my first recommendation for anyone looking to buy from them. However, Rave does have a quick quiz you can take to get advice from them.

Another one I enjoyed is their Guatemala El Morito. It’s rather expensive, but it does taste lovely.

Guatemala El Morito No 97 Rave Coffee beans

Seasonal Organic Blend is one I received today. I have yet to try it, but it smells incredible, and I’m super excited to give it a taste.

Seasonal Organic Blend No 7 Rave Coffee beans

A new way to support my blog

Over the past week, I decided to sign up to Ko-Fi and create a profile. It gives you a way to support me for what I do. Also, I can also reward you for supporting me. Over the week, my rewards evolved.

You can buy me a coffee for as little as £3 and get a support badge on my Discord community. You will also be rewarded with a link to a website of your choice. The link will be displayed on my sponsors page, and it will be in the sponsors section of my newsletter issues and podcast episodes. Finally, you will also get a personal thank you from me, and be mentioned in a future podcast episode.

That sounds like a pretty good deal to me and you can have it all for £3. However, you’re not limited to purchasing one coffee. You can purchase as many as you’d like depending on how much value you feel I have given you.

Please also follow me on there as I’m constantly posting updates about my website, podcast and newsletter.

Creating my own little community on Discord

I’ve created a chat community that I’d love for my readers to join. It’s currently in its infancy, and there’s still a lot I would like to do. However, I am opening it up to everyone interested. I only ask that everyone is kind to one another with no bullying. If you can do that, then you are more than welcome to join.

Also, you can support me on my Ko-Fi page and receive a “supporter” role as a thank you. Also, the first ten people who join will have the “early rockstars” role, so you have to be quick!

I hope to see you there, and I also hope that if you decide to join, you enjoy your time with our community. 🥰

Restarting my Podcast

You probably don’t know I had a podcast because I never posted it on my blog. However, I was podcasting late last year, and took a break. I have now restarted the podcast series, and I have already release a handful of episodes. If you would like to give it a listen, you can click on the first episode above, or take a look at my Anchor page. Anchor posts on every major podcasting website which means you’ll be able to enjoy my voice wherever you go.

The podcast isn’t based on any particular subject, it’s just me ranting for five to ten minutes each episode but I hope people find it useful in some way. I see it as another platform where I can express myself and if you want to join me on that journey, you’re more than welcome.

Finally, you can leave your own voice messages on my Anchor page and I can put them on an episode. You can ask me a question, give feedback, whatever you fancy and if its not harmful then I will include it.

Completing Murph for Remembrance Day

Monday was a bank holiday for us in the UK, and in Crossfit, we perform Murph this time of year to remember those who fought for us. CrossFit is primarily an American sport, and it’s to remember Murph, a Navy who got killed during his time fighting in Afghanistan. Those outside of the US always keep this in mind when performing it in our local boxes.

I’m trying to progress to more RX movements, and this means kipping pull-ups and push-ups without the use of a box. I managed to get all 100 pull-ups finished using the kipping method, and it was the first time where I didn’t use a band. For the push-ups, I did use my knees, and had to use a box for the last 20. This is because my arms would no longer allow me to push myself back up from the floor.

It might seem a little extreme (and to be honest, it is), but I’m all for challenging myself in the hopes to get better next time. I’m getting there, and I’m pleased with my progress. The final finish was 1 hour 30 minutes which is around the same as my last attempt. Again, I’m happy with that because I’m not scaling the movements as much.

Also, my muscles have been sore since Monday and my hand has been torn from the pull-ups. You can see from the picture below.

Are you looking to take part for the first time?

I’ve also seen people online who would love to try out Murph but say they want to get strong first. The great thing about CrossFit is the fact you can do the workout no matter what your level of fitness is. There are always ways to scale each exercise, and Murph is no different. When I first attempted Murph, I did the first 1-mile run, jumping pull-ups, push-ups with a tall box, standard air squats and finished with an 800-metre run. If you’re not a runner, then you could use a rowing or bike machine, or you can do two 800 metres instead.

It doesn’t matter how you scale, just as long as you attempt the workout and you enjoy how you’re taking part.

I have two articles to share which show precisely how you can break things up.

If you do attempt the workout, remember to have fun and don’t overdo it, and let me know how it goes. I always enjoy hearing other people’s stories.

Goodbye May, Hello Hot June 2021

May was a good month for me. I celebrated my 30th birthday and saw my mum at the same time. We hadn’t seen each other in over a year because of COVID, so it was really nice to finally surprise each other.

Toward the end of the month, our government started to open up pubs and restaurants, and we checked into a pop-up restaurant. The food was absolutely lovely, and it was the one and only Tam’s kitchen.

May is also filled with bank holidays, and the end of May brought us beautiful warm weather. On Saturday we went to Paignton Zoo with my brother, his fiancé and their kids (my nephews). On Sunday, we went to my mother-in-law’s and had a barbecue while chasing the Sun around the garden.

Finally, we spent yesterday, our bank holiday Monday in Coombe Hill Wood, Glastonbury with my sister-in-law and her fiancé. It was well shaded with some fields. It was a great walk which we ended with a few beers in a local pub.

Overall, May has been good to us, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what June brings. Hopefully, it’s been good to you or even better, and I hope you have a great June, too.

May blog posts

That’s all I posted in May, which is a bit of a shame. However, I have been recording podcasts which you can listen to here.

I noticed I didn’t create a “Hello May, Goodbye April” post, so here’s all of the posts I created in April too.

Celebrating my 30th Birthday at Alton Towers

My 30th was pretty fun. On Thursday, we had a takeaway and a huge cake. On Friday, we travelled up to Alton Towers.

We went on most of the rides (The Smiler, Rita, Nemesis, Oblivion, The Wicker Man, and Galactica). The Smiler was by far the most thrilling ride, while The Wicker Man was the best decorated. Tiff and I both love the speed of Rita and the race car theme that came with it. We also love how Galactica puts you in a very different position than any other ride. Once you’re strapped in, it will tilt the seats, which makes you face the floor. Once going, it feels like you’re flying, and I had my hands up the whole time pretending I was Super Man. 😂

Alton Towers is way bigger than I expected, and I really wish I got more photos of the surrounding environment. There were gardens, castles, waterfalls and so much more. If you don’t fancy thrill rides, then you can go and explore a lot more.

Staying at Alton Towers for the night

I didn’t know this, but you can stay at Alton Towers, and they have different buildings such as their hotels, cabins and outdoor pods. We stayed in their wooden log cabin, and we made friends with the local ducks and crows.

Tiff also purchased the birthday gift set, and there was a bear, happy birthday balloon and cake.

We had dinner, stayed overnight and had breakfast before heading off to visit my mum. Due to Covid, we haven’t seen each other in over a year, and I thought we would surprise her, but it turns out she surprised me instead.

She also had a few pressies to give, lots of food and even more cake. Also, because we didn’t see each other over the Christmas period, we unwrapped some Chrismast presents, which was a very odd experience.

After spending some time at my mum’s house, we had to head back home. Everyone was upset that we had to depart so soon, but we know it won’t be long until we can see each other again. It was a long weekend, especially for my wife, but she’s a hero as always. She does so much for me, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Sometimes you need to move backwards in order to move forward

Starting at the beginning

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while, but I was waiting for the right time. When I first started as a website developer, I landed my first job, which I expected to be a junior role. It was at a junior salary, but they were looking for someone a mid to senior developer.

This certainly didn’t come across in their job ad, and during my interview, I must have come across as a stronger developer than I was. However, they knew I came out of college and worked as a cashier, and they knew this was my first rodeo as a professional developer. Long story short, I lasted three weeks and struggled the whole time. During the third week, they could see I was working and had to let me go. It was absolutely heartbreaking, but I was able to go back to my old job as a cashier.

I turned up to my old job and explained to my manager that it didn’t work out. I asked if I could come back, and he was more than happy to employ me once again. After around six months, I tried again at another company, where I could then move forward. Since then, I have been working as a developer, and I’ve now been in the game for around eight years.

A more recent example of going backwards

Something similar also happened recently. I left a position for a new one because I felt like I needed a change. My employer at the time was sad to see me go, but they said they would love to have me back in the future. I then began my new position, and after a couple of months, I decided it wasn’t for me. I left and started looking elsewhere. On the off chance, I could go back to my old job. I messaged my previous manager.

After some back and forth and rearranging my rate, they were happy to have me back. I’m now working at my previous position and so glad to be back. The new job just wasn’t for me, and it’s great that the door remained open. For now, I’m happy to stay for a longer time, and who knows what might happen in the future?

Don’t be afraid to move backwards

If you’re in a similar boat where you find your current job isn’t for you. Maybe you can look back at a previous employer and ask if they will have you back. You never know what might happen, and it’s not shameful to go back to a workplace prior, especially if you made a special connection and a few friends.