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A year of Fitbit statistics…

This morning I decided to take a look at my Fitbit stats, and I thought… “I wonder what my yearly stats are like”. Taking a look, and I am really surprised by these stats. You can see what they are below, and as you can see, I have accomplished a lot.

That is probably my most active year, however, I will be looking to make this year even bigger. More calories burned, more steps, more floors and just all around more of living life. Now I have stats, I will be doing this again next year and compare the differences, along with goals, what went well, what didn’t etc.

Blue Monday and National Hug Day

Today is apparently blue Monday (I say apparently because of this post). It is also National Hug Day which is a better thing to celebrate. Our workplace decided to celebrate both days anyway, and we came in wearing blue and ready to hug anyone who was willing. ?

Overall, it was a superb day and pretty much like any other day at Lightfoot. I mean this in the most positive way too, because we’re like a family at Lightfoot. Everyone looks after each other and we try to ensure no one is struggling (mentally or with work). We try to pick each other up when one has fallen and no one dislikes anyone. There are 0 dramas which make days like “Blue Monday” a breeze.

What did you do to help battle Blue Monday, do you partake in National Hug Day? Sound off in the comments below. ?

Going Vegan

Starting tomorrow I will be going vegan. At first, I was very reluctant because I love my meat. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to leave such a good source of food out of their diets. Now after hearing a lot about how farming is a huge cause of global warming, and the need for more animals. We simply won’t have enough animals to feed all of us, and something needs to be done to sort it.

This post by the BBC explains it better than I could, but you get the idea from me. Anyway, this article had me thinking, and now I’m up for the challenge. I probably won’t be a full-blown vegan, as the article suggests, we can still eat meat.

Are you thinking of going vegan? Have any questions you would like answered? Fire away below.

Watching Aquaman with my wife

This blog post is uber late today due to a late-night showing of Aquaman. We were going to watch Glass but instead voted on Aquaman due to availability and other priorities. Overall, we were very impressed with the movie. Without going into too much detail and creating potential spoilers for those who have yet to see it.

The movie was visually stunning, the underwater scenes were truly breathtaking and I believe the overall plot was really good too. It was a lot better than Justice League and I would say it’s up there with Wonder Woman. The sea creatures were absolutely incredible, especially the ginormous and more mythic creatures of Aquaman.

We noticed a lot of people left during the credit scenes and usually, I would scoff at them and call them rookies. However, DC hasn’t really been renowned for post-credit scenes, so I did give them a pass. I for one (and others too) decided to wait it out and see what happens. Luck would have it, that there is 1 post-credit scene. If you go to watch it then please stay until this part.

Without giving any spoilers, it doesn’t lead up to another DC Universe character’s movie plot. (Cough! The Flash. Cough!). Instead, it’s leading up to a second Aquaman movie which in my eyes is fantastic news. I’ll embed the trailer to it in case you haven’t already watched. Please do, the trailer is incredible.

This man found out he has cancer, give him some love.

I haven’t watched his videos in a while, but this one caught my eye as it was titled “Well this sucks”. Curiosity got the better of me, and I had to take a look. He talks about recently opening up with mental health and struggles to find tell us his news. He gets to a point where he tells us, and it’s testicular cancer. Fuck.

He goes onto explain his visits and then, later on, they will have to remove both. He won’t be able to have kids and he doesn’t know how to tell his family or his wife. To me, this is absolutely heartbreaking. A genuinely kind and caring person who shows his interests online has been hit with this terrible news.

What really breaks my heart is the fact he and his wife wanted kids, and now they can’t have any, it’s horrific and I feel we need to let him know we’re here for him.

Give him some love

I’ve asked my Twitter followers to show him some love and support and I hope they are doing. I would like to ask my readers to do the same. Please head on over to his channel and show him some love.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself…

Please also remember to check yourself regularly, it doesn’t take long and it could literally save your life. Deadpool has a fantastically funny yet serious video regarding this issue. Remember if you feel a lump, please get it checked out.

Challenging myself continued…

In November, I created a post on challenging myself and connecting with other bloggers (read here). Firstly, my mission was to start conversations with other blogs (or bloggers) that aren’t on Medium (read why). I feel like the challenge is going well, and I’ve started to create stronger relationships with fellow bloggers. My friend Eric L Barnes shared his RSS list which gave me a good head start.

As a result, I’ve now become way more social on Twitter (which is an incredible social tool), and it’s really boosted me in ways I could never imagine and connected me to tons of bloggers.

What’s next for me?

I posted on my Twitter how last year I wanted to do some public speaking, and how I would do it next year. However, I now I think I’ll do it this year instead. Life is too short and the year has only just started, why think about next year when it can be done this year? It’s time to start looking at conferences and talk. It will be about mental health, more specifically performance anxiety, and imposter syndrome. Hopefully, I can teach companies and employees empathy towards mental health as I feel it’s very lacking.

Of course, my original challenge is still ongoing. All of this is an ongoing journey that’s building on previous challenges. In that respect, please comment below some of your favourite bloggers who you feel I should follow. It can be their website or their Twitter page… Or even both!

P.s. thank you to this motivational tweet!

Dude, last year you did not make the time… Next year is too late… You have an awesome idea, start now, act now and achieve your dream now… I promise it will be the best thing ever. Best of luck!</p>— Sean_RGCI (@Sean_RGCI) <a href=””>January 17, 2019</a>

Best Hip Stretches to do while at Work

Yesterday, my hips were very tight because of some heavy squats I did on Monday. My hips were very immobile, and today I’ll talk you through some hip stretches you can do at work.

1. Standing leg cradle – hip stretch at work

I chose this one first because it’s my favourite, and I have a standing desk at work. I will do this pose on my stool and get my body as low to the ground as possible. Yesterday, I could barely get my foot up onto the stool, but after using this stretch for a day, I’m now able to. If your hips aren’t very flexible, then you may feel some pain or discomfort. If this happens then lift the back of your foot and ease yourself into it. After a while of doing this stretch, it will ease and become a lot easier.

2. The pigeon pose

If you don’t have a stool, or you feel really uncomfortable, you can try this hip stretch while at work. You place your front leg at a 90 degree, and your back leg comes out from behind. You can either push your body as low down to the ground as possible, or you can go as far back as your body allows. Try forcing your back leg further back to really get into that hip stretch.

3. Hip Mobility Squat

This is a good one, and it’s super simple to do. You need to get down into a squat position and place your arms inside your legs. You can place your hands on the floor for balance, and you can then push your arms out forcing your legs to go as far out as possible. Try to find some discomfort and also try to sway your hips from side to side, and in a circle. You should feel a really nice stretch on both sides of your hips.

These are just three of the best hip stretches to do while at work, if you liked these and would like more in the future, then please let me know. Have these stretches helped your hips at all? What other hip stretches would you recommend while at work?

Excited for the new Spider-Man movie


If you haven’t watched Avengers Infinity War and don’t know the ending, I suggest you look away now. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

The new Spider-Man trailer has hit us today, and I am excited. He is heading to Europe on this adventure and Mysterio is appearing. What strikes me and others, he is actually a good guy, or at least he will be early on. People are speculating whether this is before or after the latest Avengers movie, but I feel it’s after.

We know Spider-Man, Black Panther and Dr Strange, and The Guardians aren’t finished yet. Characters like Iron Man, Thor, The Cap, Black Widow and others are coming to the end, they’re becoming elderly and will need to stop at some point (no offence). They will be facing Thanos and bringing the other superheroes back from the brink. Some may die, while others will retire by the end.

The Spider-Man trailer gives nothing away, and we can only speculate what will happen. We don’t know what the bad guys are yet, although there’s speculation its Hydro-Man.

What we know for certain

We know that Spider-Man will be in Europe with his school friends, and we know Nick Fury will make an appearance. We also know that Mysterio is a good guy for a change (but will it be forever), and Spider-Man’s suit looks as awesome as ever.

However, one thing I am left wonder is, what will happen to Spidey’s suit after Iron Man goes? I guess Peter Parker will become a tech engineer and carry on Iron Man’s throne of having cool gadgets. Will he even need more upgrades after Iron Man leaves? Or maybe Iron Man retires, but still invents using his retirement funds.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, then I’ve place it below. I really hope you’re as excited as I am, and I cannot wait for Captain Marvel, Endgame and Spider-Man Far From Home.

Game of Thrones hype starts again

I must admit, it took my wife and I a while to get into Game of Thrones. So many people were hyping it up and saying “YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!!” that it didn’t quite appeal to us. However, once the dust had settled, we finally decided to take a look. Wow, we couldn’t believe it took us so long to actually get into it, the whole series has just been amazing.

Now we’re onto the final season and I am both excited, yet sad as it means we won’t get more action in the future. I guess all things have to come to an end, and I’m interested to see how good the spin-offs will be. Hopefully, this finally will tie up all the loose ends though, because we can’t have it end on a cliff-hanger.

One thing my friend mentioned is the dragon. It’s a mythical beast that breathes fire, so when it resurrects, why does it breathe ice? When the white walkers resurrect humans, they become wights which have no power. If this is the case, then sure the dragon should resurrect with no ice/flame capability and be a flying lizard that eats people?

I checked the fandom page. It doesn’t explain anything, and I’m sure if the books got this far, then it would explain it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see and I am hopeful.

What are your thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones trailer? Let me know and you can watch it below if you haven’t already.

How I manage to get to Crossfit every morning

Some days I wake up at 4:30, others at 5 on weekdays then on Saturday I get up at 7 in the morning. How do I do this you ask?

It started off when I read the book called “The Chimp Paradox“, and it would tell me ways to silence my chimp. The chimp is the voice in the back of your head, screaming when it doesn’t want you to do something. Your chimp wants rewards and none of the work. You need to understand your chimp and learn how to reward it with work.

When I get up in the morning, I will literally jump out of bed. This will shock my body and my chimp, and it won’t know what to do before it’s happened. Some days, I’ll want to stay in bed, but I know my reward is a satisfied body once I’ve worked out. Crossfit is something I enjoy and that is my reward for the morning. The social aspect, working out and everything in between is all something that makes me happy.

If you do something in the morning that’s a self-reward, then you are more likely to wake up. That reward could be a tea or coffee. It could be working out, reading a book or even writing. If you do this reward before heading out to work, then you’ll probably feel a lot more happier throughout your day to day life.

Ask yourself “What is my reward?” and wake up to that every day. You can even comment your reward down below as a way to hold yourself accountable.