A list of my favourite content creators

This will be a living, breathing document of every person I gather useful information from. It will be for readers to hopefully find new people with who they can connect. I read a lot of Twitter statuses, Facebook pages/groups, blog posts and more. Please find this of some use, and recommend people who you think will fit in.

Tech Reviewers

  • Holly Brockwell – She is a fantastic tech reviewer, and we share a great love for cats. – Twitter BlogPatreon
  • Paul Hibbert – I love his sense of humour and videos on smart devices. You can clearly see he has a love for tech and his job as a reviewer. – TwitterYouTubePatreon


  • Eric L Barnes – I’ve known Eric for a long time. I’ve been a fan of Laravel News since I first discovered it. I also followed his blog 5 or 6 years ago, and I always enjoy his content. – TwitterWebsite
  • Ollie Read – He’s a great developer with a lot of insight and information about the language. If you’re looking for someone knowledgeable in PHP/Laravel, then you should follow him. – Twitter
  • Paul Ingram – Paul is a PHP developer and a pilot. His career and flights are always interesting to see. – TwitterMedium Blog
  • Emmet Naughton – Twitter
  • Kurt Kemple – Twitter
  • Jules Kulscar – Twitter


Eco Warriors

  • Phil Sturgeon – He’s a hardworking chap who is primarily an API developer for StopLight. Also, he has a tree-planting charity and is on a mission to plant as many trees as possible while travelling the world by bike. He avoids planes and has proved you can use a mix of bikes, trains, and ferries to travel the world. – TwitterYouTube

Indie Hackers

Mental Health

Audio Hosts

Queen AshJo – Twitter

Creating my own little community on Discord

I’ve created a chat community that I’d love for my readers to join. It’s currently in its infancy, and there’s still a lot I would like to do. However, I am opening it up to everyone interested. I only ask that everyone is kind to one another with no bullying. If you can do that, then you are more than welcome to join.

Also, you can support me on my Ko-Fi page and receive a “supporter” role as a thank you. Also, the first ten people who join will have the “early rockstars” role, so you have to be quick!

I hope to see you there, and I also hope that if you decide to join, you enjoy your time with our community. 🥰