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  • Windows version of Linux’s $(pwd)

    Windows version of Linux’s $(pwd)

    Tonight I was playing around with Docker and I wanted to use Node to install my packages to my local environment. I found a command on Chris Fidao’s Laravel Vessel website which looked like…

  • Laravel Development with Vessel (Docker)

    Laravel Development with Vessel (Docker)

    Learn how to get started with Vessel

  • Using View Composers in Laravel 5.2

    I have started using Laravel’s View Composers which come in handy when you have a navigation bar that constantly needs certain data. For example, you have an e-commerce store and you need to poll how many items a user has in their basket on pretty much every page they move onto, or you need a login/register button when a user isn’t logged in and then a profile options button when they are.

  • Laravel user Registration and Login

    This will be a fairly simple tutorial as I’m not re-creating the wheel here. I started by developing a login/registration system by myself until I start talking to people in Laravel’s IRC. There is a package which did everything I needed it to do which was as follows…

  • Laravel Dynamic Menu Tutorial (Best for Admin packages)

    Thanks to this very Laravel topic over at Laravel.io and Josh Benham I managed to find out how to make my very own

  • Composer Private Repository Problems

    Composer Private Repository Problems

    Recently I have been finding out the slight differences between Windows and Linux for use with Laravel and Composer. One difference is Windows isn’t picky about the way you set out Composer’s packages which can be a major problem. Here’s the issue I had and what I had to do to get it going…