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  • JetPack Carousel

    JetPack Carousel

    I had no idea that JetPack Carousel exsited until they released a blog post about updates to it. Apparently, there are many under the hood improvements, plus mobile and table improvements as well. Find out more information here. Post Image Carousel Post Text Carousel JetPack Carousel – Images I believe this is the one that […]

  • Top Online Courses in Development

    Top Online Courses in Development

    Learn Web Development using Udemy’s Top online courses in Web Development. Learn Wordpress, PHP, Laravel, web development.

  • ReactJS Firebase Blogging Application

    I have just released a dev branch of my first ReactJS application which utilises the Firebase database. If you are looking to build a ReactJS application, then I encourage you to clone my repo and create any PRs which you think will be helpful towards the project. You can also preview my ReactJS blogging app here and please let me know what you think of it.

  • Composer Private Repository Problems

    Composer Private Repository Problems

    Recently I have been finding out the slight differences between Windows and Linux for use with Laravel and Composer. One difference is Windows isn’t picky about the way you set out Composer’s packages which can be a major problem. Here’s the issue I had and what I had to do to get it going…