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  • Looking back at mine and my wife’s wedding

    Looking back at mine and my wife’s wedding

    Advertisements It’s been almost four years, let’s take a look back at our wedding My wife and I have been married for almost four years (from the 5th of August). We’ve been together for nearly 12 years. We organised our wedding to be on the same day and month that we got together and only […]

  • We’re now into our third lockdown in the UK

    This time, it isn’t going well for me. For my first week, I did two CrossFit workouts and then lost all motivation to carry on. I enjoy the company with my CrossFit buddies, but home workouts aren’t the same. I can’t seem to wake up in time for my morning workout, and I really don’t want to workout in the afternoon or evening.

  • Maximising your savings as a millennial in the UK

    Learn how you can make the most of your money and ensure it’s not losing value over time.

  • I’ve started my own podcast series

    This is a quick blog post to let my readers know, I now have my own podcast series which you can listen and subscribe to on all of the popular platforms. This includes Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, PocketCasts and more.

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