101% Reached of my target for Macmillan Cancer Research

It's been over a week since my colleagues and I completed the Jurassic Hike for Macmillan cancer support. I'm happy to announce that I finished the 26-mile hike and raised a total of £253.44 which is 101% of my target. Together as a team, we all managed to succeed our targets and in total reached 117% of our goal which amounts to £2,045.87.

Some background to mine and my wife’s life

Around 8-9 years ago, my wife (then girlfriend) and I moved out of my mum’s 2-bedroom council house into our very own 1-bedroom council flat. Like everyone else, we had to go on the waiting list and bid for flats/houses. We were expecting to find a place in between 1-2 years, but my mum thought it would take a lot longer.

Dear me in five years...

I Competed at Battle Cancer

On Saturday the 20th of October, I competed at Battle Cancer alongside 3 of my CrossFit friends; Pete, Phil and Matt. The event had somewhere around 1,000 people attending to watch a range of CrossFit teams compete with one another.