# Symfony

Docker: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

This error has had a lot of people stumped by the looks of their issues on GitHub. I think the error stems from downloading Docker through their main landing page, I tried a lot to fix the issue and with no luck. This included switching the DNS over to which has been suggested in the past and worked.

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💪 Wodemocracy 💪

I have created a website that I hope can bring a bit more fun and community for all CrossFitters. You can submit a workout of your choice and others can vote on that workout. If yours is the most voted, then it will become the workout of the day, the very next day. If you haven't got a workout, then that's okay, you can vote on other's and encourage them to create more workouts.


ReactPHP and Symfony

I started listening to a great Podcast series which talks a lot about different PHP and server technologies and on one of the later episodes, they talk about ReactPHP.