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  • You can embed WordPress posts into your WordPress blog

    You can embed WordPress posts into your WordPress blog

    Advertisements I had no idea you could embed WordPress posts until recently Recently, I was reading a blog post, and I noticed her links looked different to mine. I’ve used JetPack’s “Latest Posts” block in “My first weekly roundup” and while it does look nice, I wasn’t sure how I could get the same look […]

  • Carousel tweet – Find out how to create 1 awesome tweet

    Advertisements Getting started with a carousel tweet I found out how to create a carousel tweet through a Twitter thread, and I thought I would share it in a blog post. It’s really cool and makes for a very different tweet to the usual stuff you find. I like the creativity, and although Andrew does […]

  • How to get started with Fiverr and make your first sale

    Learn how to get started with Fiverr, gain clients and start earning money.

  • Windows version of Linux’s $(pwd)

    Tonight I was playing around with Docker and I wanted to use Node to install my packages to my local environment. I found a command on Chris Fidao’s Laravel Vessel website which looked like…

  • 5 important things I learnt when Blogging

    Read more on what I learned about blogging

  • Turn a WordPress Website into a Progressive Web App

    Some of you may be wondering what a PWA actually is, allow me to explain. It’s a JavaScript file that uses Web Sockets that performs various tasks. Tasks such as caching your files for faster page loads. Caching also allows a user to view your website even when the user is offline. This means they can still view all of your wonderful content in mobile or broadband blackspots. This does however mean that it won’t be up to date until they have an internet connection, but at least they can still view something.

  • Homemade Air Conditioner

    After some time into the conversation, this article popped up, and as you can see he has made quite a mess of the copper piping, but it gives you a general idea for how to build your homemade air conditioner system. For much more improved designs, I recommend you check out this article that showcases a much tidier way of wrapping copper wire around a traditional fan.

  • Post your RSS feed items to Facebook and Twitter

    Advertisements If you have a Blog in a CMS which isn’t WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, then you will likely not have some automated way to post your new blog posts over to Twitter or Facebook. I have started using IFTTT to automate a lot of my workflow, but I couldn’t find any applets which would automatically post […]

  • Most helpful GIT command…

    This little command is a lifesaver and will save you so much time when switching and merging previous branches in your GIT workflow.

  • 5 important things I learnt when Blogging Old

    Read more on what I learned about blogging

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