AI Joe Rogan speaks to AI Steve Jobs


It started with a tweet

Today, I found a tweet from someone I follow who listened to an AI generated podcast episode. He said it was nuts, and it piqued my interest.

My initial thoughts and opinions

I decided to give it a listen, and give my opinion. You can definitely tell both voices are AI. However, there were some parts of the conversation that almost felt real. It was a strange listening experience, but it has me both excited yet cautious.

Obviously, if it gets too hard to tell a part, then it could lead to some dangerous practices. You could easily pretend someone had a conversation with another person where they said something they didn’t. But they wouldn’t be able to prove whether it is true or not, because of this AI audio.

On the other hand, you could gain insight and knowledge from something you’d never expect to gain it from. Like with this episode, I possibly gained some insight into Steve’s mind. There was also humour where Joe and Steve discuss throwing macs out the window. It was funny because it’s completely unbelievable, but would have been if it were a real conversation.

What are your thoughts on AI Voice?

Give the podcast a listen and let me know your thoughts!

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