Celebrating friend’s achievements

Today in CrossFit, as part of our workout, we had deadlifts which I’m always pumped for. My personal best is 155kg which I haven’t been able to beat for around 3-4 years. I even made a post “I followed a deadlift program in order to improve my personal best and failed!” which was a great journey.

My friend and I shared the same barbell, his personal best was 140kg, and he thought my best was heavy. We hit a few rounds of warm-ups and started getting heavy at around 120kg. Ash made it look easy! We added more weight. 130kg, which he made look easy again. 140kg his pb. Again, he made that look like childs play which was incredible. This was the point where I started to struggle.

I got 140kg after a second attempt and Ash moved up to 150kg. Another easy looking lift for him. Our coach asked if he was going up and said he thinks he could get to 170kg. He lifted 160kg, and you could see he struggled a bit, but not enough for us to have confidence in him.

By this point, I attempted 150kg, but barely lifted it off the ground. At this point, I was out. He put on 170kg, and this was the point he really had to push it. We were all cheering him on, and as he reached the top, we cheered! I gave him an applause which I’ve never done in a class before. We were so pumped for him, and I’m really happy he reached an all time best.

That’s a 30kg personal best! Which is insane! I think he’s been holding back this entire time. Either that, or his dad instincts are kicking in as he will soon be having his first baby.

Ash and I always love jeering each other on, and usually, if we see one person hit a weight we didn’t think we could manage, then the other will attempt it and push harder to reach that weight or movement. It’s a friendly competition, and we have a lot of love for one another.

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