Barclays has fixed Windows 10 – Creators Update app issues

Today, Barclays fixed some major issues which it had with Windows 10 mobile devices running on the creators update. First issue it ran into when this update was released was a message saying… “Sorry, Barclays Mobile Banking is not supported on jailbroken devices”.

I thought that as I was running on the insiders update. It may have been some new measures to ensure the app was being run securely. I tried coming off the Insiders updates, reset my phone and was still received with the same message. My fiance who wasn’t on any insiders ring, had updated her phone to the creators update. Where she was met with the same message.

Barclays then proceded to text her (not me for some reason) to apologise for the inconvenience. And said they were working on a fix (great news). We then waited a week, then tried the app again. The message had disapeared. Then we thought it was back on, but when we entered our pin, the app would just exit with no explanation. I tried on both mine and my fiance’s phone and the same thing was happening.

After a few weeks

Now, after a good few weeks, we have received the very welcoming text that the issues have been fixed and we can use the app as normal. It has and I thank them for their support on this.

I really wish other banks were this responsive. And they really need to take a page out of Barclays book and learn from them. Banks such as Lloyds, Halifax and TSB have all removed their apps from the Windows 10 store. And are no longer supporting Windows 10 which is sad and I hope this changes in the future (especially considering they were just mobile wrappers anyway).

They could all make our and their lives easier by creating a UWP app and bring in new features which I really hope they are looking into this for the future.

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