Dealing with Depression and Anxiety, becoming a stronger, better self

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As some of you readers may know me by now and possibly read my previous post. Which explained how I went through a hard time with work and built up a lot of anxiety with myself and felt as though I wasn't a good enough developer.

Well, I wanted to update on my progress as this year I was made redundant once again, and it was for the same reason. The company was in a struggle to find funding and therefore had to make some cuts.

My family were worried that I would slip again and get the same level of depression and anxiety which I previously had and had worked so hard to alleviate.

However, things felt different. Yes, I did get some level of depression and anxiety, but nowhere near my previous conditions. I think that the things I did in the past to overcome my levels last time were used again this time around and really helped me stay focused.

I basically went through the (HackerRank)[] website to help keep my development skills up and at the same time keeping my confidence levels up to a point where I didn't feel helpless and like I was rubbish at my job.

I also talked a lot more openly about my job loss and how I was feeling. Sometimes there were still some roadblocks, but they weren't nearly as bad and I felt more positive about myself and my situation.

My family also gave me a lot more help and understood things a lot better.

My biggest advice is always find something which can boost your self-confidence whether it's programming, exercising or even just talking to friends and family or even a specialist. Keep telling yourself that the reason you're in this situation is not your fault and that you can find something better.

I hope people find this just as encouraging as my last post and remember to always talk about your problems. Hey, if you need someone with a similar experience then I'm always here through email, Twitter or even Facebook. Always keep smiling. ????