Going Vegan

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Starting tomorrow I will be going vegan. At first, I was very reluctant because I love my meat. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to leave such a good source of food out of their diets. Now after hearing a lot about how farming is a huge cause of global warming, and the need for more animals. We simply won’t have enough animals to feed all of us and something needs to be done to sort it.

This post by the BBC explains it better than I could, but you get the idea from me. Anyway, this article had me thinking, and now I’m up for the challenge. I probably won’t be a full-blown vegan, as the article suggests, we can still eat meat.

Are you thinking of going vegan? Have any questions you would like answered? Fire away below. 😊

7 thoughts on “Going Vegan”

    1. Thank you for the encouragement and recommendations, I will definitely take a look and keep you in mind if I have any questions. 😊

  1. I’ve been vegetarian for 25 years, and I often go back and forth with vegan. I completely agree with your rationale, and honestly the more you go without meat, they less you miss it. Also, there are so many meat alternatives now, you can pretty much replace anything you have a real craving for. Good luck with it! I’m excited to see how your journey progresses.

    1. That’s amazing, congratulations. What made you want to go vegetarian? I had some veggie meals at restaurants before and thought I didn’t miss meat. I’ve also wanted to go vegan before, but didn’t have a reason, and more I think I’ve found it, plus it’s a great challenge that gets you thinking. 😁

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