My brother Sam Brooks

Losing my brother


3 months ago, I lost my brother and everything changed

I’ve wanted to write something regarding the loss of my brother for some time now on my blog. However, it’s taken me a long time to realise and come to terms with the fact he’s gone. Losing a family member is always hard, but it’s harder when it’s a sibling. I know it’s also hard if you lose a parent, but you expect and hope they go with a good life, and when they have reached a good age.

Sam was 38, and no one expects to lose someone at such a young age. Even people in their 50s and 60s are still pretty young when passing away. The way he died was also totally unexpected because he didn’t have any pre-existing conditions. There was nothing that ran in the family. He experienced pain in his chest and neck and had an ambulance come to check him out. They took his blood pressure and checked him over, and they thought he was fine. According to them, there were no signs that it was his heart, and they suggested he should visit a doctor.

His doctor visit wasn’t good. They thought it was an infection due to his eczema, gave him some cream and off he went. He even complained about his visit on Facebook, and everyone thought it was funny. I look back at that status and find it very sad and frustrating. He died from a heart attack that we all believe could have been prevented if we had known more about his condition.

He had 85% blocked arteries which was a surprise considering he was only eight stone. However, finding out more about his love for fast food and burgers shocked me. I always told him that he needed to eat healthier, but he didn’t listen. It’s been a horrible year, and I wish he were still here.

My brother had so much life and love left

My brother inspired me to keep going. He had so much life and love left, was a great family man, boyfriend, brother and son. We all miss him dearly, and I’m so proud of him and how he chose to live his life. My memories will be held close and dearly to me, and he will never ever be forgotten.

I also have my eulogy which I really want to share with my readers. I hope you all enjoy it. You can also read about his passing on Cornwall Live. RIP Sam, the best brother anyone could ever wish for.

Sam was an extraordinary brother who meant the world to me. He would always be there to make sure I was okay, and he would protect me during my darkest moments.

Sam loved to explore, and his favourite location was always the woods. Because we lived in Looe, there were plenty of wooded areas to explore. He was always climbing trees, making things out of sticks and jumping over streams.

We share many memories together, and all of them have been very positive. Wrestling was a big thing during our childhood, and I remember how we would perform moves on each other. He once playfully choke slammed me on the bed, where I then managed to bite my tongue, which started to bleed. As soon as he realised, he quickly asked if I was okay and got me some tissue to help stop the bleeding. We never did tell mum what had happened until years later. It always stuck with me because we were mischievous but always looked out for one another.

I also remember his love for Scooter. He would play the same cassette multiple times a week on full blast for the estate to hear, and I would retreat upstairs in disapproval. However, his music taste did rub off on me in later years.

Sam was always a joker and would try to make people laugh but never at anyone’s expense. The best joke I remember is at mine and my wife’s wedding. He told Tiff to hold out her hand and then told me to put my hand on top of hers. He looks up and says, “That is the only time you will ever have the upper hand”. It had everyone laughing, and we always look back on that moment.

I knew Sam was a selfless person, but I never realised how selfless he was until I spoke to more of his friends and family, who all say he would have done anything for them. Sarah, his partner, can attest to how much he did for her and his kids. He would move mountains for all of them.

Unfortunately, Sam left us all too soon, and it came as a complete shock that his eating habits are what led to his passing. He would never have wanted to leave his family and friends behind, and I know he was really looking forward to finally seeing his two girls, Lydia and Lucy.

It may comfort some of you to know that Sam is with his two brothers Geoff and Michael and that someday, we will all be together again when we cross over to the other side. He may be gone, but he will most certainly never be forgotten.

Thank you all for coming. I know Sam would have appreciated you all being here to help us celebrate his life and share our grief during his passing.

I’ll always look back at mine and my wife’s wedding and remember the great memories we shared.

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