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It’s been a while since I’ve post and for that, I do appologise. My head has been loaded with ideas and new projects that I absolutely would love to get started on. But I tend to try and start 100 all at once and then get too agitated because none of them are working for me. Or just get pushed away.

My first idea was to create a better, not so bland website. This idea has been around ever since I created my Blog. However, I never got round to it because I wanted to make larger projects. It’s now finally come to the forefront of my mind and so what you are now looking at is a better design. I will be trying to push out small changes here and there to keep it as fresh as possible, so if I don’t create a new Blog post, there could be another change elsewhere (so keep your eyes peeled).

Future projects

I have also had the idea of creating apps for Windows Phone 8.1, I tried with Javascript and came across many problems, so now I’m attempting to learn C#. Hopefully I can create some little apps and let you know once they have been released. My first proper app should be a nice portal to this website. With toast notifications letting you know when I have a new post up. Anything else before this point will be small apps to get me started on the journey.

Another thing I have decided to take a look at is Phalcon. It’s a nice framework which offers speed for larger apps/sites. I wanted to take a look because it could come in useful some time in the future. To put it to it’s use, I want to create a Helpdesk app which integrates with Mailgun.

I’ll post updates, tutorials and other musings in the near future.

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