Saying goodbye to our beloved cat, Missy

Missy will be sorely missed

Today, we had to make a tough decision. Missy hasn’t been well for a couple of weeks, and there were no signs of her getting better. The vet visits kept on mounting, and we didn’t want to call it.

However, Missy took a really bad turn, and yesterday, she barely left her bed. I had to give food to her in bed, and she only came out once for food. It was very unusual for her, and today was no different.

She looked so fed up and in so much pain. We took her back to the vets, and they said they have tried everything the can. If she was a younger cat, they would try something else. The problem is, she is elderly at 17 years old.

They said if we want, we can get her put to sleep. My wife was having second thoughts, but my mother-in-law suggested it’s probably time, and we can’t leave her in pain. We agreed, and told them it’s time.

The vets were so lovely and really kept us at ease. We had our last goodbyes as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Apart of us wonder if it what the right thing to do, but we couldn’t let her stay in pain for much longer.

She’s a beautiful cat, who kept us on our toes. She loved demanding food and lying by her bowls waiting to be fed. We love her, and we’re sad to see her go. It was her time, and we’re glad we could give her a warm, loving home. Tiff spoiled her rotten, but she deserved every treat she was given.

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