Silencing your anxieties

A few days ago, I wrote a Tweet on the best ways to silence your anxiety/depression. When I was going through terrible anxiety due to work (talking about throwing up). I found gaming was the most helpful thing for me. I could game for hours and because my mind was so focused, nothing else mattered.

As soon as I came away from gaming, and did something that required less attention, my mind would wonder. This had bad consequences as it would start to worry, and it would leave me with terrible anxiety. I would run to the bathroom and throw up. Literally to the point of having an empty stomach, it was not nice.

Some people may think of this as an excuse, but it really isn’t. Gaming is just one avenue, and I eventually transitioned to CrossFit. CrossFit is another channel to help me get through the bad times. Sometimes though, it can also be an enabler, but it has helped me to control my anxiety, and not let it get the better of me.


Any and every activity could help

If you love reading, writing, meditation, yoga or even knitting, then I highly suggest you keep using that as a way to focus. This will in turn help you through your darkest days and give you some sort of achievement. You don’t even have to be amazing at what you do, you just need to find enjoyment.

Find friends or a voice

As well as these activities, you could also try talking to your friends, as it’s always good to share. If your friends know about your issues, then they can also try to help.If you lack friends, then someone on the end of the phone or meeting new people could help. There are so many charities out there trying to help, and you could use one of those.

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