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  • Competing at the One and All Games 2022 with my amazing team

    Competing at the One and All Games 2022 with my amazing team

    Advertisements Day one of the One and All Games Event one and two demos The weekend of the One and All Games started off with beautiful weather, lots of food, and a briefing for the first two events. The first event was 30 worm ground to overhead. Event number two was in male/female pairs, one […]

  • How To Watch The 2021 Crossfit Games

    Advertisements Where Can You Watch The 2021 CrossFit Games? The 2021 CrossFit games start today, and many of you might be wondering where and when you can start watching. The good news for many of us outside of the US can watch it from the comfort of our own homes. You can watch on their […]

  • CrossFit Games 2021 starts tomorrow. Who’s excited?

    Advertisements The CrossFit Games 2021 starts tomorrow and I didn’t realise until today… The Tokyo Olympics started over the past weekend, and we are now about to enter the CrossFit Games 2021. Starting tomorrow, we will be able to watch these incredible athletes compete to gain the title of “Fittest on Earth”. Mat Fraser recently […]

  • On 27/04/2018 I entered my first CrossFit Competition

    Advertisements My first CrossFit competition outside of my own box I know that date has pretty much long gone. However, I want to get into the habit of updating my blog more often with what I’m doing, so thought I would add this while I still can. I entered my first CrossFit competition a few […]

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