Michael Brooks group photo at a CrossFit competition

On 27/04/2018 I entered my first CrossFit Competition


My first CrossFit competition outside of my own box

I know that date has pretty much long gone. However, I want to get into the habit of updating my blog more often with what I’m doing, so thought I would add this while I still can.

I entered my first CrossFit competition a few weeks back. However, I wanted to share with you how I felt before, during and after the event. It was also my first team workout and usually I’m a bit hard on myself and think “Why would anyone want me in their team? I would only let them down”.

It turns out, I did no such thing and we ended up having a great time. We didn’t worry about what place we came, we just came to compete and have fun. We entered the scaled division (this means the workouts are slightly easier to compensate for abilities, but it’s still just as hard).

My week running up to the competition

Okay, I was a little nervous during the week running up to the event. They started releasing the workouts on Facebook and they all looked painful, but fun. (Us CrossFitters strive for the pain threshold). Then our coach announces that we will be meeting up on Saturday (day before the event) to talk strategy and try the workouts to get a feel for the event.

This is the moment my nerves went into overdrive. I’m thinking to myself “What if I can’t do this? What if my teammates are trying to rush me?” And the list went on… I get into the box, we talk a bit and then give the workouts a try. I came out feeling a lot calmer about the situation and this is where I had to remind myself, we’re just there to have fun. No biggie at all.

I went home and cooked a bite to eat. After my food, I gained this huge headache that felt like a hangover despite not drinking any alcohol. I drank water to keep fluids up as I did so much working out that I believed it was due to dehydration. I was hoping I hadn’t poisoned myself some how. That night, I went to bed and couldn’t shift my headache.

Luckily, I did manage to sleep it off and it was a relief that morning. I then made some breakfast (porridge) and took some Bulk Powders Scottish oats mixed with water to take on the road. I threw my gym gear on and hit the road meeting up with some of the others from my box.

I‘m not organised at all

I drive up into CrossFit box and meet my fellow CrossFitters. I then feel a lack of energy and know my sugar levels aren’t quite right so I had to text my wife and ask her to buy me food. There were no shops nearby and I needed to warm up and make sure I was ready for the competition. I also tell me buddies who then give me some bits to help me out which was actually pretty funny.

The come the workouts, they were all very testing and took a lot of work, but we enjoyed the whole experience. The final workout was a secret and we didn’t know what it was until we finished all other workouts. He then explained to us how it would go and it looked like an absolutely dreadful workout (mainly due to the running). However, it actually turned out to be one of the most fun workouts. There was more teamwork involved and we did better than expected during our runs.

Overall, it was a fantastic day and one I would do again. If my other team member would have me again, I would be happy to join them. If you want to know more, the CrossFit box is called Crossfit Plymouth and their competition is called Primal Games.

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