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  • Moving away from Facebook services

    Moving away from Facebook services

    To start, this isn’t a “we must all move away from Facebook, now!”. This is me feeling like I want to move away from Facebook and their services. Facebook plans to merge all their messaging services to allow all their users to connect through either Messenger, Instagram or WhatApp. Some of my friends think this […]

  • The demise of social networks

    For what seems like forever, I wanted to create my very own social networking site. At first, it was going to compete with Facebook, have reactions (before they invented it), and use open technologies. I started creating something with my custom PHP, I created the ability to register, log in and add friends. It was going great and my friends were playing around with it. A few bugs were being reported which I would try to fix, and a few months later, I got bored.

  • Facebook IFTTT Test

    Testing for Facebook’s IFTTT applet.

  • Oauth Tutorial – Part 1 – Setting up Facebook

    Last week I promised that I will be creating some tutorials regarding Oauth and Laravel’s Socialite plugin. Today, we will start with setting up each website and creating an app on these sites to accept our OAuth requests.